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The Old and New Trends in American Architecture

Trends in the realm of architecture take quite a long time to develop because of construction time and it takes time for the development of new materials and such. It seems as the faster a trend comes in the faster it will fade away. Other trends that take years to catch on seem to have a lasting impact and advance from just a trend to a part of architecture.


Starting in the Victorian era the trend was overly lavish houses with a room for everything imaginable (sewing rooms, cleaning rooms, writing rooms, guest rooms, and just empty rooms). This was a trend that was expanded from Europe to America. This trend in architecture was short lived especially after the Great Depression.


After WW2 the trend was fast and cheap suburban houses that were simple and family-oriented. This trend in architecture was influenced by the “baby-boomers” and the high demand for housing. Houses of this architectural era are still relatively prevalent yet newer construction demands for larger and more elaborate houses.


American architecture seems to slowly following what European architecture has been for the last 10+ years specifically in the environmental-conscious design elements. Houses before the recession in 2008 where much larger and too expensive for people to realistically afford yet banks still lent out mortgages to anyone which lead to the housing market crash. This lead to an extremely low demand for houses and architecture in general.



As the housing market is slowly regaining it’s strength houses seem to be following the ideal of quality over quantity. With smaller budgets and stricter regulations on mortgages Americans are going back to houses that are reasonably sized and priced.

Within architectural design people have been focusing their money on upgrading the kitchens and bathrooms. Granite and stone seem to be slowly fading away as new trends include using recycled materials and unique-looking customized cabinets. Also, waterfall islands with the counter extending to the ground are very classy and trendy.

Kitchen-trends-2014-lighting Trends-for-Kitchen-Design-Ideas-2014 waterfall1

A look into the bathrooms of today’s American house reveals that there is a demand for bowl-sinks (very trendy) and spa-like bathrooms with amenities such as all glass steam showers and rain shower heads that emulate nature.


Craftsman styled houses are on the rise because of their look of safety and their family-orientated design. Again with the quality over quantity.


Urban design has taken on new architectural trends such as root top  gardens as well as community gardens. Within the Urban area of architecture it has also been popular to intermix the old with the new. Rehabbing old buildings and factories to accommodate residential condos or apartments has been happening more often now because of the demand for environmentally-friendly and eclectic architecture for the hipsters of this generation.


Do you follow the popular trends within architecture or do you stray away from them to be a “hipster” which is just another trend itself? Comment below!

I enjoy being part of Urban Splatter as it continues to create evolving opportunities within the digital realm of architecture.


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