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10 Maps That Help You Make Sense of the World

Maps That Make You Think

Below are just 10 of many maps that show you interesting aspects of the world. Take a look at a few and be amazed, unless you knew about all of these before. Some of these maps show political and physical borders of countries, but they have much more meaning to them than simple road maps. Take a look at each map and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Map of Internet Usage


Map of McDonald’s across the World



Most Common Last Names in each European Countrymap-of-most-common-surnames-in-europe

How The World Would Look Like if Pangea Existed With Today’s Borders


The 24 Timezones of Antartica


Countries That Do Not Use The Metric System

No Metric

Countries with Paid Maternal Leave


Areas in the World With Google Street View Available

Street View

Countries That Great Britain Has Not Tried to Invade (in white)


What Side of the Road Every Country Drives On


These maps really provoke some thought internally when viewed. There are many more maps that are not just simple road maps that convey a lot of meaning that can be viewed all over the internet. Please leave your thoughts and comments on these maps below.

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