It is pretty evident that where you reside reflects your lifestyle and personality. If you would like to change your lifestyle or would like to see what your location says about you then please read the following guide.

Living in the Suburbs

The suburbs is a weird transition for people who don’t belong in the city or country. This is where the rejects reside. Most people live in the suburbs because of this. There are beautiful houses in the suburbs, with splendid architecture. If you live in a gated community you know you are a super suburbia.

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Living on the Farm

You are something special. It takes a lot to reside miles away from the closest grocery store. You are probably one to love nature and have a house that matches. Farm houses are the best type of houses.


City Livin

You are truly living. Congrats you party animal. You love humans and your entertaining apartment/condo matches this. Modern architecture is very popular among city dwellers.



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