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Owen Wilson’s House in Pacific Palisades, California

The Owen Wilson House: Breathtaking House in Pacific Palisades

Owen Wilson is an amazing actor that is known for his Meet the Parents, Zoolander and the Internship roles. Owen was born in Dallas, Texas in 1968 to his parents. He has two brothers, one older and one younger. Owen Wilson’s net worth is $40 million today. He currently is married and has 2 kids. Check out the Owen Wilson house.

The Owen Wilson house in Pacific Palisades, California is pure eye candy. The house features various French doors, a state of the art kitchen, and marble topped counters around the house. Take a look at photos of the Owen Wilson home below.

This is such a charming little home. I am sure Owen loves just chilling with him and his family outside in the cute little patio areas. Many celebrities have homes with over 10 bedrooms, but Owen just likes his humble 3 bedrooms. This house has less than 2,000 square feet and only 2 bathrooms as well.


Location: Hollywood Hills West, Los Angeles, California

Size: 1,522 Square Feet

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2


Owen Wilson house Owen Wilson house Owen Wilson house

Owen Wilson Wallpaper @

What do you think of Owen Wilson’s House in Pacific Palisades, California? I hope you liked Owen Wilson’s house.

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  1. I am really impressed….mostly because it’s not some huge mansion….I don’t understand why a lot of super wealthy people think they need 10K square feet, or more….it seems to me a waste of energy to heat and cool those large places. Owen’s house is, without a doubt, gorgeous, and totally respectable.


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