In what was earlier reported to be sold to an mysterious unknown buyer reveals to be Taylor Swift. Swift spent $25 million in cash for the manor to add to her growing list of properties. Others include another estate in Beverly Hills, a Manhattan penthouse and various Nashville homes.

Built in 1934 for Hollywood’s most well-known family for generations, the estate speaks volumes of glittery tales of intimate affairs and exquisite events. It commonly entertained the most iconic Golden Age stars such as Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin.

The whole manor falls just short of 2 acres. In addition to the incredible square feet, the manor also boasts a a massive tennis court, rose garden, pool house, and gym. Not to mention the part of the home that was speculated to be the Goldwyns’ favorite part of the impressive estate, their very own screening room. The paneled room boasts  35-millimeter film projection that immerses the viewer in to a previous time. Check out photos below.


Location: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

Size: 10’982 Square Feet

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 5



Swift's Goldwyn Estate

Swift's Goldwyn Estate

Swift's Goldwyn Estate
Swift's Goldwyn Estate Swift's Goldwyn Estate



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Cute Taylor Swift Image 07 -
Cute Taylor Swift Image 07 –

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  1. why is Taylor Swift bragging about her new house with the money she bought while i can still buy a REGULAR house with my own money with a indoor pool and a rich bathroom? Just saying………


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