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Kevin Jonas’s House in Boonton

Home Home and Garden Kevin Jonas's House in Boonton

It is time for Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle to sell their house, now they are expecting their second child. It is time for them to settle down. Originally built in 2014 when his band was winding down, he launched his construction career with JonasWerner Fine Custom Homes.

Self-described as “Hamptons-style”, the mansion features a cigar lounge, wine cellar, saltwater pool and a putting green. The interior boasts luxury details such as high coffered ceilings to wood and marble floors. The kitchen is a chef’s dream and the master bedroom offers stunning views from its own private sitting area.  Delight in the fact that the den has a rock music vibe with a juke box and gold curtains.


Location: Boonton, New JErsey

Size: 7,390 Square Feet

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 6


2000s3 kevin-jonas-yard-today-160719_1a6e5ca5da2cecc93b067f8507ff131c.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-pool-today-2-160719_672d18537b59bd708f56e03e2b86164b.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-patio-2-today-160719_2876fafe0238422aea9fd9a873586d3c.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-music-room-today-160719_84407eedf42795c7b3dcb5559cdf2e8e.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-master-bedroom-today-160719_2391fb1e1cacb22b3bea732bdc3fa311.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-living-room-3-today-160719_e1452b8f8f93696fc6eaadec501ec9d1.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-kitchen-2-today-160719_47ce40d37e4b97981cba0008a1648d69.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-gym-today-160719_7ca0eaddef6cfef6c188ba17b3d0be45.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-family-room-today-160719_931f3cd2bd3c6ceb3254f05d9dc4c2de.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-cigar-shop-today-160719_1d59a1a40f2ca784417796518f2868b7.today-inline-large kevin-jonas-bathroom-today-160719_33db7259b31ce1bae0fbadbde6ab7339.today-inline-large


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