What will Happen to the Playboy Mansion Now that Hugh Hefner is Dead

Hugh Hefner, the face of the Playboy Mansion recently died at the age of 91. His youngest son Cooper is most likely to take the new role as face of Playboy. In 2016 the mansion was placed on the market for $200 million with an agreement that Hugh would remain living and working in the mansion. It was sold to Daren Metropoulos an owner of an equity firm for half the asking from at $100 million. He plans to connect the property with his neighboring property that he purchased in 2009 to create a large compound for his private residence.


More information regarding the architectural significance of the Playboy Mansion can be found on our other post here.

Hugh Hefner passed away in his home in Holmby Hills LA on September 27th of 2017.


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