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7 Lego Architecture Sets That Architects Love!

Lego Architecture Sets

Lego Architecture Sets are so cool! Gone are the days when Lego was only meant to be a play-set for kids. Legos have now become far more challenging and intricate than they used to be a decade ago and are often used by professionals especially in the field of architecture. There is so much detail present on Lego that it serves as a perfect miniature model of an existing architectural masterpiece. The best part of it is you don’t have to go around searching for your perfect masterpiece of architecture as you can order it with a single click from your preferred e-commerce website. Let’s take a look at few of the best Lego architecture sets.

  1. White House

Nothing better to begin with than the US president’s official residence and workplace. Any American would honestly get sentimental while setting up the Lego blocks to finally build the white house. The model is 9 inches wide and displays its grandeur even in the replica.

  1. Buckingham Palace

It’s always nice to see competitors go along hence this piece of marvelous architecture is sharing the same page with the White House. You might just experience authentic royal London with the double-decker bus stated right outside the palace. Each detail of the royal building is explicitly carved and the pieces fit snugly fit in to offer the best of United Kingdom’s architecture in the caricature format.

  1. Burj Khalifa

This one is a real treat, watching the world’s smallest building crumbled up in just 208 pieces to form its much smaller replica. One of the most detailed Lego sets, the Burj Khalifa Lego comes with a manual in several languages and step by step instructions. It also includes details about the real structure including its history and design. The model is around 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

  1. Louvre Building

Would it be wise to not have an attraction from Paris after all the architectural marvels they have given to this world? Exactly! Louvre building is a delight for art lovers and architectures. This Lego set is really insightful and portrays each detail of the building so delicately that if you were to be told this was the real building shrunk down to that size, you wouldn’t hesitate to believe it. That’s not it. It includes all the major attractions of the location including the Pavilion de l’Horloge and the glass pyramid just making it more realistic.

  1. Trevi Fountain

Welcome to Rome, and welcome to Trevi Fountain. One of the best architectural masterpieces of Italy designed by Nicola Salvi still stands as one of the most celebrated buildings. It remains as beautiful in the Lego set as is in real life. The tiny statues are present which maintain the authenticity of the structure, not to forget, the tiny horses as well. Light is reflected beautifully from the blue tiles as though it wasn’t built in a day but ages. No pun intended, this is going to be one of the best sets who loves challenges. Lego Architecture Sets are so cool, right?

  1. Opera House Sydney

If the list is about architecture, the world heritage site cannot be missed. Sydney Opera House, originally made of special tiles is a challenging one to be built on a Lego set. It features some complex designs and advanced building techniques that need some expertise to accomplish. Nonetheless, be fearless to go ahead and give this masterpiece a try.

  1. Skyline, Berlin

Best ones for the last? To be honest, all of these are the best but if just one had to be picked, just wrap up these seven in one box. Jokes apart, the skyline of Berlin, is a great set if you are up for a task. It consists of almost five different structures and what’s interesting is it has graffiti on it.


Go ahead architecture lovers and give yourself a night’s hard work building some of the world’s greatest architectural masterpieces. All of these can be bought online and if it’s on your mind, it should be soon your desk. Thank you for reading about Lego Architecture Sets.

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