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Exciting MA Courses for International Students in Milan

Are you a student from a foreign country considering Milan, the capital of fashion and design, as a possible destination for enrolling at a modern MA course? You’re not here by accident so rest assured that you found exactly what you were looking for.

Getting valuable information about different courses is not easy and therefore this text is going to provide enough description to help you choose what’s right for you. ‘The main objective of our master courses,’ says the Director of RM Pasquale Volpe, ‘is to motivate prosperous international students to expand their education with a top-level contemporary program in Milan,’ claims the RM Director Pasquale Volpe. 


Unlike conventional curriculums, RM’s new master in advertising brings hands-on practical knowledge directly into the lecture theatre, with market leader advertising agencies (as M&C Saatchi, Leo Burnett and Alkemy Digital Enabler, to name a few) occupying the lectern in the course of the ten months. One of the best ways to master some profession is to listen to those that have already mastered it, and that’s exactly what this course offers to its students. Learning directly from practitioners is the best way to pick up the most advanced visions and methods at source.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already built a strong career in any of the advertising-related niches or if you just have a first-level degree, you’ll still be able to both learn new things and also master certain skills. Keep in mind that nobody’s trying to teach you the definitions without forcing you to implement the knowledge. In the end, it’s all about teaching you how to remain the last standing person on the battlefield.

Visual Design

As long as you consider communication as a great career path and visual design is a strong and interesting tool that allows you to tackle various requirements and achieve different things, and you have at least some experience, you’re the ideal student. If you’re wondering what could be your job title, it could be anything from designing a user interface for some machines, to designing the world’s best socks.

Project lecturers are the gurus from 10 leading visual design studios as Pentagram, Lava and Base. Listening to these people, you’ll be able to learn new techniques and to expand your knowledge and vision, but you’ll also learn how to work as a team and how to handle real-life challenges. Each studio spends one full month with the students, and at the end of the month, students receive an evaluation on the project they developed. Students can replace some studios during the Master, maintaining the faculty’s high international standards. 


You’re passionate about photography and now all you need is turning it into a career? This course is the perfect place for you. Prepare to become the next famous photographer! After finishing the lectures, telling stories with your photographs will be a piece of cake. You’ll be learning new techniques and new ways of looking at things, and most importantly, you’ll be able to understand how to cooperate with galleries and other opportunity-giving makers.

Working side by side with the seasoned pros leading today’s market, students acquire a full appreciation of the progressive approaches to designing identities, reportages, advertising campaigns and corporate communications. This program focuses on tangible experience with real-life assignments proposed by globally renowned firms and institutions.

A well-known fact about students is that you are currently living the most precious moments of your life and, unfortunately, that period will be over sooner than they are expecting. This is exactly why they should take the most out of it and accomplish as many things as they can. Having a passion is great, but now’s your chance to turn that passion into a stunning career owing to these progressive courses.


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