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6 Tips on How to Find Discounted Apartments without Getting Cheated

Finding a nice place, an apartment perhaps can be quite of a tedious task. However, when you find an apartment that suits your needs and tastes, it can be quite rewarding too. The renting experience can be great when you have the kindest and most honest landlord. But it’s a bit of a challenge to find one nowadays.

Although you can solicit a bit of advice from your friends and family, nothing beats the tips coming straight from a well-trusted landlord. Here are some tips on how to find some discounted apartments without getting screwed.

Open up when you can’t pay on the due date.

More often than not, the problem begins to spark when an irresponsible and disrespectful tenant or the landlord himself, compromise on what has been agreed. The agreement made before renting a low-cost house or discounted apartments is not something that you can just bend or worse, break. More than just a business, both parties, the tenant and the landlord, should be responsible enough to establish a relationship built on respect and honesty.

As tenants, it’s your sole responsibility to pay the rental fees at the agreed time. But as much as possible, paying it in advance is much more admirable and recommended as it will please your landlord and leave an impression that you’re a responsible tenant.

In some cases where you cannot pay your tenant rent for a month or couple of months, be honest with your landlord. Tell him that you’re having trouble paying the rent. Honesty is the best policy so provide truthful reasons why you’re not capable of paying the rent. Asking for considerations won’t hurt any parties. So, as long as you’re honest and your landlord extends the deadline, make sure to pay it the next time you have to. Because then, it’s not all the time you can ask for considerations.

Be responsible.

When you lease a condo or home, you already become a tenant. This means that you should be responsible for meeting the terms you have agreed upon. Be accountable for your lease and the terms of your rent. Make sure to keep the rental clean and discuss with your landowner so you can establish a good relationship with the ones owning the property.

Be knowledgeable of your rights as a tenant.

In every state, the tenant’s right is always written in the law. However, the tenant’s rights vary. Should you need help in knowing your rights, you can easily access it online. In the US, the tenant’s rights handbook is already made available online.

In whatever part of the world you’re living in, it’s crucial to know your legal rights as it will save you from unwanted legal charges. It will also help you understand the best legal options for you when the worst rental issues happen.

As an occupant, it’s your duty to ensure you read and comprehend the terms of your rent concurrence with your proprietor. Understanding the terms will guarantee you don’t break the rent or put yourself in danger of getting stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Have some documentation.

Usually, landlords have already taken pictures of the unit before someone moves in or moves out. As a first time renter, it’s also good to take some photos of the unit too. Be vigilant with any issues (damaged walls, ceilings, poor water system, etc.) and be attentive to detail when it comes to signing any contract. Conduct a few assessments first so that you’ll spend your budget right.

Know your landlord and his service.

Before signing any contract or renting a unit, it’s crucial to do some research about your landlord and the services he is providing his clients. Ask some tenants who have been living in the unit. Is the place conducive? Is the landlord responsive to issues about maintenance and any problems that may occur in your renting experience? Is there something you need to be aware of?

Getting some feedback from the people who have already lived in the place is helpful. It will give you some insights into the things you need to be aware of. It will also help you know what kind of service the landlord is serving to his tenants.

Do not hesitate to ask.

Some generous landlords will compromise and adjust prices for you. However, not all of them will provide this generosity. So, as a renter, do not hesitate to ask. In the case that you’re on a budget, inquire if you can get some discounts. If you have pets, and the landlord requires you to pay for pet rental fee, asking for a lower price is not bad.

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