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5 Things to Look for When Buying A Canopy Tent

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Whether there will be rain or sunshine, that’s not in our control. But we can go ahead with our activities and protect our belongings from these harsh weathers, thanks to canopy tent. They save the day, are user-friendly and easy to set up. A bed canopy tent can come in different shapes, quality, and sizes, but choosing one can be stressful. Before spending your money on a canopy tent, it’s important to know what to look for. Here are five things to consider when buying a tent.

  1. The Size

Most canopy tents have four legs and the overhead cover, but when it comes to size, they vary. First, you will have to understand your needs and what size will fulfill the purpose. Even though tents have different sizes, the most common sizes are 12’x12’ or the 10’x10’, but you can also find larger or smaller ones.

If you are going to hold a large gathering with many chairs and tables, go for a canopy tent that is big enough. You will, however, have to consider the space available. You have to be sure whether there is enough room for the tent.

  • The Materials

The frame is critical to the tent’s overall foundation. The most common frames are made from either steel or aluminum. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The steel, for instance, is stronger against the wind, but it corrodes easily unless it’s coated to prevent rust.

Aluminum is lighter, and so you can set up the tent quickly, but aluminum frames can’t withstand harsh weather conditions.

The roof should have a water-resistant polyester. The thicker, the stronger it is. Some have a vinyl coating to prevent UV rays from hitting the occupants, but they cost more.

  • Portability and Assembly

Pop-up canopy tents which have easy open features are not only simple to set up but packing them up is not difficult as well. Before you buy one, measure your vehicle to see if the tent can fit. If you are planning to buy a larger canopy tent, then you should also consider buying roller bags to help make traveling easier.

There are also other elements that shoppers should consider. For instance, is the ground too soft after the rain? If yes, it might be harder to hold the tent in place. In such a scenario, only the canopy tent weights will save you. So don’t forget to carry them.

  • The Features

Canopy tent should have sidewalls which will not only offer privacy from onlookers but also protects the occupants from the wind and sun. The polyester sidewall should have a mesh region to allow free flow of air and keep the insects away.

You can also have logos printed on the tent. Most canopy tents require a team of three to set it up, but there are some with one-push tech. They come with spring technology, which makes it possible to set it up on your own.

  • Check The Reviews

Before you buy anything, it’s good to check reviews first, unless you are the first customer. Before buying a canopy tent, go online, and read people’s sentiments about the product. 88% of buyers trust online reviews. 

It’s advisable to check the 3-star reviews because they give a more constructive insight into what you will get if you buy the tent. Also, you can check on multiple review sites to get a better understanding. What to look for is the durability, its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, and the cost if you are low on a budget.


There are a number of options to consider when buying a canopy tent. These five tips will help you find the right one. Once you do, you can prepare for the upcoming event.

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