Add Beauty to Your Home with Commercial Glass Doors

May 30, 2019


Glass doors add a lot of beauty and elegance to your home or commercial building. They can be used in many places from the shower and kitchen exit to office partitions, meeting rooms, and main entryways. Glass doors let in a lot of light and make rooms brighter and appear more spacious. You may even have a great view of your outdoors with commercial glass doors fitted in your office.


Benefits of Commercial Glass Doors


  • If you add a glass door to your home’s living or dining room, it will allow a lot of sunlight to come in and brighten up the place as nothing else can. It will create a wonderful and uplifting environment and also become a reminder of the beauty that lies outside your home.


  • You can also put in special glazed commercial glass doors that allow you to see what’s outside but still maintain your privacy by blocking people from seeing inside your home. There are many different designs available in glass doors that can add further style and beauty to the property.


  • Commercial glass doors will help decrease your energy bills as they let in a lot of light and reduce your dependence on light fixtures. Thicker doors are also quite efficient at insulation and prevent the heat from escaping or entering into your home. In the summer, they will keep your living room cool and in the winter, they will keep it warmer.


  • Modern glass doors are installed with a special focus on safety. They have a special, shatter-proof safety glass that is very hard to break and almost as good as a wooden door.


  • Glass doors are generally installed on a sliding frame. As they don’t swing open and glide on the track, they save a lot of space for the user.


  • Lastly, glass doors add a lot of aesthetic appeal and elegance to any home. They offer a sleek and simple design that can be blended with any kind of home structure or style. They add a practical design that maximizes the natural light that enters the premises.


The Popularity of Glass Doors


Celebrities and successful business owners are often at the forefront of new fashion. This is true for home design and style just as it is true for any other field. Many famous stars are updating their homes with elegant wall-to-wall glass doors that create a dazzling atmosphere for their properties.


Mandy Moore, the star of “This Is Us” and voice of Rapunzel for Disney’s “Tangled,” recently showcased her home in a video for Architectural Digest and it looked gorgeous. The glass doors in the kitchen and dining area particularly caught the eyes of viewers.


Ricky Martin also gave a tour of his home during a recent interview.


Chris Hemsworth had glass doors installed in his Malibu home that overlooked the scenery behind his property. These kinds of additions aren’t just exclusive to celebrities; they can add value and aesthetic appeal to any kind of home.


Types of Commercial Glass Doors


You have plenty of choices for the type of glass door that you want to put in your property. Some of the more popular glass door styles include the following.


  1. Traditional single hinged doors are similar to wooden doors. The main difference is that the door is made entirely of glass or has a frame made from glass.
  2. Sliding glass doors are very popular because they don’t take up a lot of space when opened. They can easily glide on the track at the top and bottom but some newer varieties do not have the track at the bottom.
  3. Multi-hinged doors have two or four bi-folding hinges that give the illusion of a larger space in inside. They are wider but do not take as much space as single hinged doors when opened.
  4. French doors are a pair of doors with single hinges that open away from each other and include timber frames on the glass panels.
  5. Stacking doors are similar to sliding doors but contain more than two moving panels. When opened, they stack next to one another and offer more space for going in or out of a property.


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