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5 Reasons Insulation is Crucial to Your Bottom Line

When business owners consider a building they look at the location, operating costs, facilities and a whole host of other factors.

One that’s often overlooked, to your detriment, is the insulation. The quality of your commercial insulation will have a major impact on the cost to operate a building.

It also affects how environmentally friendly a building is and even how well it will protect your goods and equipment.

Read on to find the top 5 reasons you should pay special attention to the type and amount of insulation on your building.

  1. Cuts Heating and Cooling Costs

The most obvious benefit of industrial insulation is in heating and cooling costs. With more insulation of higher quality, it costs a lot less to maintain a set temperature.

As much as 75% of buildings operating cost goes to heating, cooling, and lighting. As you improve the insulation on your structure and reduce negative airflow you make it much more affordable to heat and cool.

The best place to start with this is on your roof. Heat rises and every bit of additional insulation you add to the roof goes a long way towards saving you money.

  • Makes Your Building More Sustainable

Remember those cost savings we mentioned? They also mean your building is becoming more sustainable and green friendly.

Green and sustainable design is rapidly becoming the norm for new construction. One of the most important aspects of going green is improving your building’s insulation.

It takes a lot of energy to run air conditioning and heating systems. If you can substantially reduce your heating and cooling needs you’ll also be making a major step forward for the environment.

Many people don’t realize that heat can also be pollution. The excess cold air that escapes your building can impact the environment around your company.

  • Improves Employee and Customer Comfort

In the depths of winter or the dog days of summer, it can be really hard to maintain a stable temperature. This is especially true if your business has older or poorly installed insulation.

As you upgrade your insulation you’ll notice the fewer temperature and humidity swings. This is because modern insulation is much more effective at maintaining a stable internal climate.

During summer especially any business that’s public facing has to deal with constant opening and closing doors. Insulation reduces your heat exchange over the surface of your building and limits the loss to the door itself.

  • Can Help Reduce Noise

High-quality insulation doesn’t just block the transfer of heat. They’re also great at dampening unwanted noise.

Industrial insulation on ducts, heating pipes, and other systems can greatly reduce the working noise of machinery. If your business is located near an airport, major highway, or produces significant noise quality insulation is a must.

It can help deaden the sound that escapes from your machinery or shop operations. It can also reduce the sounds of jet engines and other outside noise from bothering your customers.

Make sure any insulation you have installed is rated for both thermal and noise insulating properties.

  • Increased Moisture and Condensation Control

One of the most commonly overlooked features of industrial insulation is its role in maintaining humidity levels. Temperature is often just part of the problem in maintaining a comfortable environment.

High humidity environments can do serious damage to certain types of machinery or inventory. This is especially true for food products, electronics, and any other delicate goods.

You should have high-quality insulation applied both to the exterior walls and any plant piping or machinery. Cold pipes can create condensation. That can become a major problem if that condensate drips onto sensitive machinery or goods.

If you have specific manufacturing processes going you may be lowering the quality of your product without realizing it. Many products require very specific temperature and humidity levels for successful creation.

Upgrade Today for the Most Benefits

It’s easy to see why investing in high-quality commercial insulation should be a top priority. It saves you money, improves the comfort of your staff and customers, and is environmentally friendly. That’s just the cherry on top to the actual requirements of different pipes, tubing, and ductwork for great insulation.

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