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Moving Your Recording Studio

It’s time to move your studio but you aren’t really sure where to look. Sure, movers are great, but can they handle sensitive recording equipment? How do you know what to request for your specialty equipment? We’ll be covering all this and more in this article. Strap in and let’s enjoy the ride.


Soundboards, control boards, remixing boards—there are so many kinds of boards in music production and all of them require special handling when it’s time to move somewhere new. To find the best mover for this expensive and sensitive equipment, we recommend speaking to your local music shop. If you are in the music production business, you likely have a favorite shop already. Given the amount of heavy objects a music shop often has to deal with, especially with deliveries, they should be glad to suggest someone.

Sound Stages and Large Equipment

Sound stages, booms, and other simply enormous equipment may be left in the dust if you were to move yourself. If you hire a moving company, they can bring it with the rest of your belongings. This saves money on rebuilding as well as the time and effort of finding the correct materials and hiring new construction workers.

For those moving a long distance from their current occupation, we cannot recommend this enough. Having the surroundings you are used to in your new environment will help you identify and compensate for oddities in acoustics as you adjust. After all, every building will sound different and require some tweaking as you set up your sound stage in your new place of business.

Recorded Data

CDs, records, and even old reel-to-reel recordings can be saved the risk of moving with the right moving company. Many moving companies, these days, are capable of storing data in large storage banks and simply transferring it to a new location via cloud servers. This means that even old data, like old forms of music, can be downloaded and safely sent along its way.

This peace of mind is incredibly important for music production agencies that have been in the business for quite some time. Many of them have older forms of media that may not have been upgraded, things they would prefer to keep. Your moving company can help you with that. 


Microphones and voice-capturing equipment is incredibly sensitive stuff. One accidental drop and some microphones are gone, forever, or ruined and unable to be calibrated once again. For microphones, we recommend looking for a moving company that uses padded paper wrapping with Staticfree covering. This special coating is applied by the manufacturer and will keep those electronics safe as they travel the road and rub up against one another in their shipping boxes.

Mark boxes with microphones and other voice recording equipment as fragile, with the exact details of the contents of the box. This will make them much easier to track during the loading and unloading process.

Miscellaneous Electronic Equipment

There is a vast variety of equipment that a recording studio may or may not have. Voice actors will require far different equipment than video game composers, yet each will need very specific assistance during their move. If you are uncertain about the exact care your items need during shipment, contact the manufacturer. They ship these items all year long and know precisely what must be done to keep them in tip-top shape as they travel to your new location.

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