Dr Fone Erase IOS: Steps to Clean iPhone

June 14, 2019


Do you want to change your iPhone? Or you want to swap it for a new one. You might have to face the burden of clearing the files and personal information on your device before proceeding. This is to ascertain some privacy, at least. That means you want to know how to delete contacts on iPhone. Moreover, did you know you can completely wipe off those messages on your iPhone? This is such that they can never be retrieved or recovered by any software whatsoever. In this situation, you want to know how to delete messages on iPhone. Read more about Dr Fone erase IOS.

Clearing Personal Information and Files with dr.fone

dr.fone. Erase (iOS) software provides the perfect answer to these concerns. In an attempt to clear your iPhone, there are certain things you must do before you sell, trade or give your device away to get a new one. It is very important that you remove your personal information from your device. Ideally, it is not sufficient to delete your contacts, messages, files, iCloud information manually. It is advised that you back up your device before undertaking the clearing process. Yet, even though we have diverse ways to go about it, dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software provides a seamless and effortless solution to the problem.

Again, you cannot just decide to restore to factory settings. This method does not completely clear your files, messages and personal information from your iPhone. If you do not have the phone with you anymore, you can contact the new owner to help erase your content and settings by signing in to iCloud. You can also simply change your ID password instead. That way, you cannot delete the information on your old device but it also prevents the new owner from wiping your data off from your iCloud account.

Reasons to reset and clear personal information on your iPhone

There are certain situations that can warrant resetting your whole iPhone or deleting personal information from your device.

1. You want to sell or trade your iPhone

2. You want to send your phone in for some repairs and you don't want another eyes to pry your personal data

3. You have a buggy device or your iPhone has become so buggy that erasing or wiping everything off is the only option.

Steps to clear files and personal information on iPhone

With dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software, you have found a great way to delete some or all the personal information on your iPhone before getting a new one. The Restore iPhone tool, which people also use to delete data from their devices can work and completely erase everything from your phone. However, it is not as efficient and absolute as this software. 

Again, the first thing you must do is back up your iPhone before deciding which to erase. You can then pick the correct erase option from your settings. This is the manual approach. Meanwhile, no method is 100% foolproof. In other words, with the right tools, people can still recover the supposed deleted data. However, with dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software, no trace of data can be recovered once deleted. This is why you must be careful before clicking on the delete option.

Now, to use this tool to clear personal information on your device, follow these steps:

1. Download the dr.fone toolkit software from the official page of dr.fone. Install it on your PC and run the program. Double-click on the program from the features. Then, click on "Erase" to execute the deletion of contacts from your iPhone device.

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC with a compatible USB cable. The following screen will be displayed on your PC once the program recognizes your device. Select "Erase Private Data" from the options.

3. Click on the "Start Scan" button to scan all your private data

4. Select the contacts you want to delete after all your private stuff has been scanned to your PC. Now, select "Contact" from the dr.fone program. Check the contacts you want to delete and if you want to delete all, check all the checkboxes. Then, click on "Erase from the Device".

5. Type "delete" in the space provided to complete the deletion of your contacts. After that, click on "Erase now"

The process will complete after a while and you will get the "Erase Completed" message on display afterwards.

dr fone erase ios

Steps to delete messages on your iPhone

You will be shocked that some text messages you thought you had deleted are still showing up when you search them on your device. Rather than have them show up continually, how can you delete them permanently from your iPhone? To completely wipe them off such that they are irrecoverable, make use of the dr.fone- erase (iOS) software. It is worth trying because your deletions would be gone forever.

  1. Install the software on your computer. Launch the program and connect your iPhone with a compatible USB. Then, click on "Erase" to permanently delete your text messages
dr fone erase ios

2. Scan your device for existing and already-deleted text messages. Do this by clicking on "Erase Private Data" from the program. Then, click on "Start Scan". The program will them begin to scan your device for text messages

dr fone erase ios
  • Upon completion of the scan, check "Messages" and "Message Attachments" to check the messages you are going to permanently delete. Now, click on "Erase from the Device" to delete the text messages completely. To confirm this stage, enter the word "delete" and click on "Erase now" to continue.
dr fone erase ios

Now, you will get the "Erase Completed" message when the process is complete. No one or tool can be used to retrieve them anymore.


In this era, iPhone is one of the most used and best smartphones because of the ease of operation, security and allied services it offers. Also, people flaunt their iPhone for its sleek design, feel and look. While some operations can be done effortlessly in Android, it might be a bit difficult to get something such as clearing personal information completely on iPhone. Because of the need to delete contacts, which arises often, you might think it would be a fairly straightforward process. But of a truth, it is not. Furthermore, this is why you need to try a better option like dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software which is all-encompassing, fast, viable and doesn’t require much work. Lastly, we hope you learned more about Dr Fone erase IOS.

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