What should you consider before remodeling the kitchen?

June 24, 2019

Remodeling the kitchen increases the worth of the entire house. It is a worthwhile investment with good returns for homeowners seeking to sell their property. Investing more than five percent or less than fifteen percent in kitchen remodeling will increase the value of a house tremendously.

A kitchen remodeling project must factor in the expected costs. Floor, countertop and cabinetry replacement, kitchen size, plumbing, electrical wiring, replacement and backsplash tiling are some of the remodeling kitchen cost to be included in the price estimation list.

The complex computing task has been simplified with the availability of an online cost estimator calculator which approximates remodeling costs for free. The calculator evaluates costs based on a couple of features which are pertinent to the remodeling process. The features include the degree of renovation, labor costs, kitchen size, zip code information and the type of remodeling.

Three remodeling groups are provided in the calculator. The first type of remodeling is called addition relates to increasing floor space.  Renovation is the second type of renovation which includes all types of remodeling but excludes wall changes. The last type of remodeling includes all forms of remodeling as well as expansion and wall repositioning.

Another feature analyzed by the calculator is the kitchen size. There are three default kitchen sizes. The small size is 10 by 17 square inches. The medium option is 10 by 14 square inches while the large alternative is 16 by 18 square inches. A customization option is available for measurements that do not fall in the three default sizes.

Once all the remodeling details are set, a zip code can be selected for price estimations of products and services within the zip code area of the house. Aside from computing the home renovation costs, the calculator also estimates the return on investment of a house using data from the kitchen upgrade costs and the real estate dynamics in the area where the house is located. However, this cost is limited to homeowners who have completely remodeled their kitchen.

The degree of remodeling is divided into three levels. The first level requires no permit because no plumbing, electrical works and wall demolition is done. It is called the Ready to Sell type of renovation. The second type of remodeling is called Typical Renovation. It may entail one or more permit-related changes. The highest level of renovation is known as Down to The Studs Kitchen Remodel. In this type of remodeling everything (in the kitchen) is pulled down and build afresh.

The last section of the calculator has categories to be included in the remodel such as labor, framing, roofing and windows, plumbing, lighting, insulation, flooring and hardware and so forth. Renovating a section of a house or the entire house is an expensive endeavor. Proper planning and correct price estimations are of fundamental importance as is expected with any project. Financial planning can help save a dollar or two and reduce risks which would cost an arm and a leg to mitigate. After you have taken the time to plan out your remodel, the next step is to find the right contractor for your kitchen remodel in OC.

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