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Advantages of Learning Greek Language in 2019

One thing is clear: anyone who really wants to understand European culture should definitely learn Greek. Our way of life, as well as many areas of our cultural life come from ancient Greece. By greek language learning, you are immersed in the world of myths, philosophy and the natural sciences. In antiquity, the Greeks were one of the most important civilizations, alongside the Romans. No other culture of this time influences our life today as much as the ancient Greeks did. Ancient Greek philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle, are considered thought leaders and laid the foundation for many of today’s sciences.

The Greek alphabet

Even the Greek alphabet can be deciphered within a short time. No need to panic, because learning Greek is not as difficult as you might think. Only when you have learned Greek, you will quickly understand many foreign words from the scientific language jargon. Did you know that the Latin alphabet as well as the Cyrillic alphabet (which is used in the Russian language) go back to the Greek alphabet? Even the New Testament was first written in Greek.

These are words that have changed from the Greek, mostly ancient Greek language into other language, or at least have characterized the other language vocabulary. These are everyday words, such as photography, library, kilos and many more. If you learn Greek, your understanding of other language will increase as well.

Below are some benefits of Modern Greek Language Learning

Learn Greek for the holidays

White sand beaches, turquoise sea, delicious food and lots of sun: Greece is not for nothing for a long time one of the favorite holiday destinations of the Germans. And Greek is also spoken in parts of Cyprus. Whether you have ever been to Greece or Cyprus, it does not matter: If you speak the local language and understand, you will be able to completely relive your next vacation. On the one hand, not everyone in Greece speaks English, on the other hand, you can get along well off the beaten track: reading street signs, understanding the menu and giving the taxi driver the right address are just a few of the many advantages of having Greek in Greece dominate. Our language showers Greek for holidays are perfect for learning Greek before your next trip.

As a vacationer you are used to being met in the holiday country and you can enjoy the usual relaxation in the usual places. But what if the tourist bustle is too much for you? If relaxation does not come about because of the supply and hectic rush? Just turn the tables: if you speak Greek, you can approach the locals. For who knows his country better than those who live there? Where does the Greek spend his quiet hours on the beach, away from the tourist crowded places that are in every travel guide? You can find out that and much more when you start learning Greek today. So you see: learning Greek for the trip is definitely worth it.

Learn ancient greek or modern Greek

The first time you study Greek, you must first of all realize whether you want to learn ancient Greek or modern Greek. If you are interested in reading the ancient Greek philosophers in their original language, you should study ancient Greek. It is also always useful to master ancient Greek for various courses of studies. But when it comes to understanding Greek in your next Cretan holiday, it makes more sense to learn modern Greek. 

So if you learn Greek then surely it will helpful in many ways.

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