How will your air filter affect your energy expenditure?

July 11, 2019

It is only natural to want to spend less. This is why the energy efficiency of your HVAC system is an important consideration. This will not only save you your hard earned money, it would also go on to forestall avoidable breakdown of your A/C and heating system. Air filters are very effective in improving the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

Your air filter can only do this job perfectly when it is in perfect working condition. The reality is that air filters have a propensity for accumulating dirt and possibly getting clogged with the passage of time and constant usage. This necessitates replacing the filters in orderly intervals.

More dirt, more money!

Fundamentally, your air filter is tasked with the responsibility of trapping the contaminants like dust before they penetrate your HVAC system. This is why the consequences of having a dirty filter can be devastating on the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. The situation we have here is a no-brainer. With the increasing dirt piled up on your filter, your HVAC system suffers higher exertion in transporting the air around.

Borrowing some findings from the Department of Energy, we see that when your air filter is dirty, your energy costs could shoot up by 15%. If we look at the bigger picture and take your monthly energy bill into perspective, we see that a hike of 15% from your HVAC (which practically accounts for approximately half of your energy expenditures), will massively pump up your monthly costs. All these could be avoided if you make sure to change your filter either on your own or via air filter subscription services.

If you do the maths well, you see that by changing your air filter promptly, you can save as much as $480 every year on your energy costs. Of course, $480 is no small amount of money, is it?

Higher MERV rated filters do an excellent job of capturing the finer particles, but they can restrict airflow. This in turn makes your HVAC system run longer, resulting in higher energy bills.  

Fiberglass filters are not your best options

There is an exciting diversity in the air filter offerings you can find in the market. If you go for the notably cheap fiberglass filters, you can get enhanced air flow.

The drawback is that fiberglass filters are only good at enhanced improving air flow. When we progress to the main task of filtering the air and trapping the very fine particles in the air, fiberglass filters flop miserably. 

So at the end of the day, you would be spending more as to your energy costs while yet running the risk of inhaling unhealthy air. Good air filter subscription services that knows its onions will not advise you to go for fiberglass filters despite their alluring affordability.

If you want a good air filter that does an exceptional job at not only enhance airflow but also purifying the air too, you may want to shoot a bit loftier for air filters with higher MERV ratings. Life is sweet, even sweeter when you forget about your filters and its rigor of perpetual replacement. Forget My Filter ensures you have your deserved peace of mind when it comes to the purity of your interior air. Delivering your filters promptly, precisely and conveniently at your doorstep, you get to enjoy a delicious treat of royalty even if you have never had a king in your bloodline for over a millennium.

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