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Questions To Ask A Shed Company Before Purchasing

Buying a shed is not an easy task. It may seem like a decision one would easily brush over because it’s not the house where you’ll be living, but you should put in as much effort in making decisions about sheds as you would your house. Sheds are still part of your home, and it can affect the aesthetic if you don’t choose carefully.

If you’re planning to buy a shed, here are some questions you should ask the company before buying:

How long have you been in the business?

Years of being in the business say a lot about the quality of products and services a company offers. You should find out how long a particular company has been operating. If it’s long, then it could mean that they provide the best items because people continue to buy from them, which is how they stay open.

A company such as EasyShed has been in the business for 35 years. It means that they continue to uphold the standard and quality that people expect from them. Being able to run a company for that long means that they built a good reputation, and people still trust them.

What sizes do you have?

Not everyone can own a shed. People who have extra space in their yard can have a shed, and those who live in apartment buildings can not have one because they don’t have space for it. So, if you’re one of those privileged enough to be able to have one, you also have to know the measurement of the space available to you.

Sheds can come in different sizes. Make sure that you get one that can fit right inside your property. Consider the things you want to put inside it and whether you plan to have a garden, gazebo, outdoor entertainment area, or other things you want in the landscape, too.

What’s the material of the wall and siding?

The materials used for the shed can be wood, metal, or plastic. You have to know what the shed is made of because it will affect the maintenance you’ll have to do on the shed. Wooden sheds are the hardest to maintain because they need treatments to protect them from the weather, as well as insects that may chew through the wood.

Metal and plastic are easier to maintain, but they also come with disadvantages, too. Metal can rust over time and takes more effort to repair. Plastic is the easiest to maintain and versatile when it comes to painting, but it’s not as sturdy as metal or wood.

What kind of styles do you have?

The shed is part of your home, kind of like an extension, so it’ll do you good to be smart in picking its design. The different materials of the sheds will affect the texture and how paint can look when applied to it.

You want your shed to add value to your home, so you have to make sure it blends well with your aesthetic. If you’re placing it in your garden, maybe you can design it looking as close to nature as possible. You can take inspiration from the plants and flowers around you and do a nature-inspired design.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Sheds don’t come cheap. It will cost you money, and you want to spend your money on something that has value and not waste it on poor-quality items. When considering a company, ask about the warranty they offer.

Even if a company is reputable, there’s still a possibility of poor craftsmanship in some of the products they offer. As a consumer, you should always get the quality you pay for because it’s your right. If there’s something wrong with the shed, there should be a warranty that will cover you.

Can it have electricity and ventilation?

Most people have a shed for storing items, so electricity and heating are not priorities. But for those who plan to make the shed a place where people can hang out and be comfortable, you may want to look into this possibility.

It’s actually the owner’s responsibility if they plan to connect electricity, ventilation, and water if they want to, but some sheds come with packages that have those already available.

Final Thoughts Sheds are an investment. Depending on how they look and their usability, sheds can add value to your home. When you plan to buy a shed, make sure that you ask the company the questions above so you don’t end up with a poor-quality shed that will become a liability. Spend the money you work hard for on items that have excellent quality, so it doesn’t get wasted.

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