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Top 5 Tips for Reducing Car Maintenance Cost in 2019

Car maintenance costs can also become very significant by significantly impacting the family budget. Having a car involves fixed costs and periodic interventions that, inevitably, translate into a constant expense linked to your car etc. how to save on car maintenance and minimize costs related to your vehicle. As you well know, owning a car does not just mean having to pay installments to the dealership or gasoline. The costs are many more, as we have shown in previous articles. Even if financially maintaining a car can be very burdensome, in this article, there are some (legal) tricks to help you understand how to reduce car costs.

How to reduce car costs at the time of purchase:

Savings can begin as soon as the car is purchased.  At the dealer, avoid saying phrases like “I love it”, “I love it” etc. because if you stay cooler and more detached, to convince you to buy it, the seller could give you some discounts. For the same reason, don’t let him know that he has so much money available; do not be convinced by the installments but by the final price of the car (the rating system can induce you to buy a very expensive car because “as much as 200 Euros a month “). Finally, buying a car in cash avoids the additional cost of interest and financing costs.

How to reduce car costs with maintenance:

One of the most hidden, but also the most expensive, car maintenance items is maintenance. Some tricks can save us a good deal of money. Consequently, if you can perform these operations on your own, you could save even more money by researching to find spare parts at more affordable prices, taking advantage of discounts, special promotions, etc., without stopping at the first retailer in your home. In this sense, you can save money by using promotions like those you can buy on Group on or other similar services, which are also useful for interventions by the mechanic. Finally, if you are not oriented towards a specific car model but need any, try to buy models that need little maintenance like Tucson Brake Repair.

Other tips to lower the cost of the car:

  • Drive carefully. It is not just a safety tip, but also a protection for your wallet as driving too aggressively will wear the vehicle faster.
  • Fuel up with the no-logos that have lower prices than the big brands. During the entire life of the car (around 15-20 years), you will have saved thousands of Euros. Alternatively, if there are no no-logo distributors in your city, check the comparators online to see which distributor has the lowest price.
  • If you don’t drive a lot but use your car only for daily needs or to go to work, take out kilometers insurance.
  • Remember that many car expenses can be downloaded from the tax return (insurance, stamp duty, etc.).
  • Use the highest gear possible while driving to save fuel.
  • Wash the car yourself, and if possible also pass the wax to avoid scratches or other marks.
  • Reduce the use of air conditioning, consume a lot of fuel. Better to keep the windows down, at least until you are under 100 km / h.
  • Compare insurance to choose the one that saves you the most.
  • Always keep your tires inflated, as flat tires consume more fuel and deteriorate sooner.
  • Change the windscreen wipers regularly. Old and damaged windscreen wipers risk scraping the windshield and damaging it.
  • If there is small damage to the car, do not contact the insurance. Although it will cover repair costs, it will scale you up and pay you more.
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