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Incorporating Artistic Zen to Your Backyard Garden


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A person’s backyard garden is supposed to be their happy place – a place where they can go to relax surrounded by the sounds and smells of nature. But sometimes this doesn’t always work out the way people want it to because there are certain elements missing or skipped that adds to the relaxation level of their backyard garden.

You want to add a level of artistic Zen to your garden and this can be easily achieved if you incorporate elements from the ancient tradition of mediation within the garden walls. So how can you incorporate this into your garden? It’s easy if you know how – which is what you are going to find out today!

What is Artistic Zen?

Artistic Zen is using muted colors and designs to draw attention but not distract from something. Inspired by the beauty of Japan, Zen gardens are designed to mimic the landscape of the horizon – think lush beaches, rippling ocean waves and jutting islands just dropped in no particular order.

In the case of a backyard garden, it is using white rocks that have been raked into a rippling design for ocean waves, rock structures to become the islands and lush greenery for the natural changing colors of the ocean.

How to Incorporate Artistic Zen

Now it comes time to incorporate some artistic Zen into your backyard. You want to look at different ways such as:

  • Surrounding garden beds with white rocks that will attract and reflect the sunlight to add a twinkle to your backyard. These rocks will warm during the day and provide a toasty place for wildlife and also provide a source of heat for more delicate plants as the night temperatures dip.
  • Installing a waterfall or fountain in the corner of the backyard. These waterfalls reuse water through a series of filters and a complex operating system. There is nothing more relaxing then laying out in your backyard and having the sound of softly, tinkling water overlapping with the sounds the birds having a conversation and insects are busy with their daily chores.
  • Have lots of lush greenery that is not tightly groomed but instead encourage to overlap (without choking) the other shrubs or trees to add a wild yet exotic look to your backyard. This lush greenery could also provide additional shade cover depending on the size of your chosen shrubs/trees.
  • Building a small gazebo or structure somewhere in your backyard garden with a low-burning fire pit and well cushioned benches for those longer nights of summer. Add a couple of low side tables for holding drinks and snacks; and you’ll never want to come into the house!
  • Use flat rocks or concrete patio stones to install walkways between your garden beds. Add winding trails to all the major attractions found within your backyard garden and also use these trails to keep foot traffic away from the plants themselves.
  • Build or purchase benches that can be placed at select intervals throughout the backyard (depending on space) to provide a resting area that is perfect for sitting out with a good book.
  • Solar lights are a popular addition to any backyard, Zen or not, because they run off the power harnessed by the sun. They can be purchased in numerous shapes and sizes and can be used to highlight the patio stone trails while adding a soft but not blinding source of light for dusky evenings.

Maintaining your Zen-Filled Backyard Garden

If you do have a backyard garden, then you definitely want to have a well-stocked toolbox of gardening supplies on hand that can be used at a moment’s notice. These tools are there for when parts of the garden need routine maintenance or need to be spruced up for the season. All of your tools are also necessary to shut down parts of the garden during winter months and, if you have a greenhouse, take advantage of the extended growing season for fruits and vegetables.

Invest in a solid pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands and choose the ones that will stand up to the toughest jobs. Look for a kneeling pad to protect your knees and provide support. A trowel, weed-remover, and garden shears are also a definite must, in addition to learning how to sharpen shears.

Regardless of what your backyard contains in terms of garden beds or structures, you definitely will need a source of water to encourage lush and plentiful greenery. Don’t want a garden hose cluttering up your oasis? Then invest in a garden hose reel that can be used for storing your garden hose out of sight and allow your water source to be kept neat and tidy.


Artistic Zen is not supposed to take over the current layout and design of your backyard garden but instead enhance it. Your backyard garden should be an oasis in which you escape from the pressures and stresses of your daily routine. It should be the place where you can get your hands dirty (literally) and immerse yourself in nature’s element. Take advantage of the tips and guidelines that you have read today to turn your garden into an artistic and relaxing place that the entire family can enjoy!

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