Questions To Ask A Cleaning Service Before Hiring

August 27, 2019

It's crucial to hire a cleaning service you can trust. Otherwise, you won't have peace of mind and satisfaction. While there are a lot of options available, it's important to hire a properly trained and knowledgeable cleaner to take good care of your belongings and your entire home.

Below are the important questions you need to ask a cleaning service before hiring one:

How Long Have You Been in the Cleaning Service Business?

Starting and managing a cleaning business takes more than a mop and the right intentions. A sustainable and professional cleaning service company implements intensive training, effective cleaning supplies, the right cleaning tools and equipment, and a high-quality cleaning standard of operations or cleaning procedures.

The tenure of the cleaning service speaks much about its reputation and service record. More than two years of experience is considered as an acceptable measure that a cleaning company is trustworthy with a proven good track record. The ability to sustain a business for many years means increased client trust and quality cleaning services rendered.

That's why trusted, and reputable cleaning services Chicago are most sought because of increased referral rates and unpaid marketing via word of mouth. No need for extensive advertising campaigns or gimmicks because the cleaning company is highly recommended by a lot of homeowners and commercial establishments.

Are You Insured?

It's essential to ask if the cleaning service agency has insurance, so you'll be covered if ever something goes wrong, like broken or damaged items caused by mishandling or accident while cleaning your property. A good insurance should have one to two million dollars coverage.

While an uninsured company offers far cheaper rates, they won't be able to compensate you for scratched stainless steel appliances or broken grandmother's antique vase. That's why it's important to make sure that you verify insurance coverage via the insurance provider of the cleaning company.

Ideally, a written policy or contingency measures should be in place when dealing with breakage or damage. It's for your own sake to ask the cleaning service provider to see it. Even if you consider hiring an independent maid, this aspect of the hiring process is important.

Do You Have Worker's Compensation Insurance For All Your Employees?

Worker's compensation insurance is an important consideration when hiring a cleaning company. You don't want to be personally liable if a cleaning staff got injured due to slip, fall, or any accident while cleaning your property.

Hiring a cleaning company with worker's compensation insurance will avoid the risk of a lawsuit. It's better to pay more than risk your reputation, career, and family life due to legal issues arising from a personal injury claim.

How Do You Screen Potential Employees?

A good cleaning company should check references, perform strict background checks, and provides proof of their cleaners' credentials. You don't want to take a risk entrusting your belongings and your home to someone who has a bad criminal record.

A good cleaning company performs an intensive screening process to ensure that their workers have good work ethics, properly trained, and trustworthy. It's also a good idea to talk to the cleaners who’ll be in charge of cleaning your property for your peace of mind. In that way, you can personally ask questions if you can trust them.

What Are the Components of Your Training Program?

Because the turnover in the cleaning service industry is very high, many companies are desperate and hire any cleaners for a relatively cheap rate to get the cleaning tasks done. However, the result would be having new hires with very little knowledge and training. Or worse, getting cleaners who have no cleaning training at all.

A reliable and experienced company has formal, comprehensive, documented, and on-going cleaning training programs. This ensures consistency in the quality of work and reduces staff turnover when cleaning your home.

Do You Have a Written Checklist of Cleaning Tasks You Perform?

It's extremely important to ask a written checklist of cleaning tasks the company performs since various cleaning companies have different ideas about basic cleaning service. You'll save yourself from trouble by obtaining written specifications upfront. By doing so, you'll know what you're paying for; compare apples-to-apples when you're making a final decision.

Here are the most common areas when it comes to cleaning tasks included in basic services:

  • Laundry
  • Washing the dishes
  • Stripping and making beds
  • Dusting of ceiling fans
  • Cleaning window sills
  • Handling trash
  • Handling children's toys


Asking the above questions to a cleaning service company can be an extra chore for you. However, it’s a crucial aspect of the hiring process to ensure you won't have to deal with a lot of problems later on.

Make sure that the company has a quality assurance program set in place in addition to comprehensive staff training. In the end, you'll have peace of mind to entrust your property to a cleaning service company you can trust.

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