Choosing the Best Building Contractor for Your Project

September 24, 2019

Whether you are starting a new building project from scratch or you are renovating an existing one, one person you need to ensure the smooth execution of the project is a building contractor. This article is focused on helping the reader choose the right individual or company for the job. However, to ensure we fully understand what we are discussing, we will briefly look at who a building contractor is.

Who is a Building Contractor?

There are many aspects to either erecting a new building or renovating an existing one. A building contractor is the individual who is tasked with supervising every aspect of this project. This individual can also be regarded as the project manager.

This will usually be an individual who understands building plans, architecture, structural engineering and other things needed to complete such a project. You can get a good idea of this job description here.

While an individual may possess the expertise to handle either commercial or private building projects, you will usually find folks specializing in specific building project types. Whether private or commercial, there is an overlapping of the roles and servicing that this individual can offer. We will briefly enumerate the most important of them in the next section.

Services that a Building Contractor can Offer

A person who calls him or herself a building contractor in more cases than not will usually own a building company that employs individuals with various skills required for construction projects. To this end, the individual’s main task will be the following:

Overall Project Planning

This is the first task that this contractor will be required to perform. This is a very crucial task which will determine how well the entire project will go. At this stage, the building plan will be interpreted, estimates made, appropriate workforce and timelines determined and other details for the project’s development as well as implementation planned.

Project Monitoring and Management

Having drawn out a road map to the actualization of the final plan, he or she will employ suitable manpower and also assign roles and expectations. They will also closely monitor each of the processes to ensure a strict adherence to the plan. At this stage, the workforce has to be closely monitored to ensure that each is truly earning their wages.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

There are important regulatory issues with every construction project. This is one of the things that the contractor will ensure is done right. With their experience and knowledge of the industry, they know what government regulations there are and how to ensure strict compliance to avoid sanctions.

Welfare and Personnel Management

Payment of wages is also a very important task that these professionals will undertake. Aside from wages, the day to day management of the workers will largely lie with them. If at any time there is need to increase or decrease the workforce, it will fall to this individual to take the necessary action.

You can learn more here:

Why You Should Work with Professionals

Why should anyone really be particular about working with a building contractor? We should probably add a qualifier – certified. This is because we are not referring to just any self-named individual. We are referring to people who have received requisite training and can show by way of certification that they have done so.

Here are a few reasons why you should opt to work with this kind of professional.

Cost and Time Saving

There is a lot involved in the construction process. Whether it is a totally new project or a renovation, you will need to check and monitor different tasks occurring simultaneously. A person experienced in the process will help you handle this, saving you a whole lot of time. More so, with their industry knowledge, they can get things done a lot faster which will ensure the project gets completed faster. This is aside from the money that you will save as a result of these and other benefits they will offer.

Help with Purchase of Required Materials

Having the right materials is crucial to the constriction process. A professional will ensure you get the right materials and at the best price possible.

Higher Chance of Ensuring Quality Delivery

Tasking a professional builder with handling your project will make it easier for you to have professionals working on different aspects of the project. This is in addition to the close monitoring that the supervisor will be carrying out will make it easier to achieve good quality.

Easy Compliance to Regulatory Requirements

As we already mentioned above, their knowledge of the industry and the regulations will make compliance pretty easy.

How to Choose the Right Building Contractor

So how do you go about choosing this type of professional? Here are a few pointers.

  1. Ensure the individual is certified. If it is a company, ensure that those you are interacting with have the necessary qualification.
  2. Check for the individual or company’s reputation. You can ask for recommendations to get started.
  3. Try to keep it local. This is especially important when you are searching online. Always include your location in the search phrase so that only companies that operate within that locality will be shown.
  4. If you get recommendations from the internet, try to find out more about the company. For example, if you searched for “Building Contractors in Adelaide” and one of the companies you found is Mayfair Building Group, take some time to read through the reviews given by their past customers to get an idea of how they feel about their services.
  5. Compare quotes. Do not just go with the first company that you find. Doing some comparison will help you get the best deal.


Your building project is not something you should joke with. Get professionals to ensure it comes out the way you imagined it in your head.

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