How to Extend the Life of Your Cooling Tower

September 3, 2019

In this article, we give you information on how to extend the life of your cooling tower. Cooling towers being an integral part of buildings in need of temperature regulation and air conditioning are also costly. You need to reap the best out of a cooling tower and ensuring its long life in service. As a FRP cooling tower manufacturer, We will share more information about the FRP cooling tower.

FRP cooling towers are the most cost-effective, adequate maintenance ensures that your facility in its extended life will: 

  • Be energy saving
  • Be efficient in water consumption
  • Reduce the amounts of chemicals used
  • Reduce the costs of operating
  • Extend the life of your FRP cooling tower

How to extend the life of your cooling tower depends largely on its working conditions. FRP cooling tower depends on water for operation. The water used in the tower contributes to efficiency and the life of the FRP cooling tower.

Use Clean and Treated water

You should ensure the water used should be subjected to the following:

  • Filtration and ultrafiltration

 This is achieved by running the cooling tower water through a filter to remove physical particles. Water from different sources may contain sediments, organic matter, and turbidity. By filtering before use in the cooling tower protects the nozzles, fill and reduces ion exchange.

  • Water softening

When the source you use for makeup water has high hardness. Treatment for the removal of hardness is advisable. This can be done by use of a softening resin. Hardness increases scale deposit and rust in the cooling tower system.

  • Chemical addition

Chemicals for treatment in FRP cooling tower should be done before the makeup water should be done before its use. The chemicals used are:

Inhibitors for corrosion used to neutralize acidity and protect the metal components such as bicarbonates to reduce the acidity.

You should use Algaecides and Biocides which help to reduce the growth of microbes and biofilms an example is bromine.

You should also use scale inhibitors such as phosphoric acid to prevent the formation of scale by contaminants.

Adequate treatment at this stage reduces the amounts of chemicals needed in the cooling tower. Chemical cleaning and treatment in the cooling tower can be expensive.

  • Side-stream filtration

FRP cooling tower which water is circulated throughout the system should be incorporated with a unit for side-stream filtration. The unit removes any contaminants that may have entered through the drift or leakages.

  • Blowdown/ bleed treatment.

A cooling tower depending on the water needed may require recycling and recovery of water. This is done by post-treatment using reverse osmosis or ion exchange. This is especially needed where water is scarce. It allows waste in the form of liquids and solids to be concentrated and removed from the system. The treated water is then returned in the tower for reuse.

Routine Maintenance Checklist of FRP Cooling Tower

Checklist maintenance of FRP cooling tower can be categorized according to regularity and when done. This ranges in the following cooling tower maintenance checklist.

  • Daily maintenance checklist

These are the checklist which should be done from day to day when the FRP cooling tower is in operation. They help in ensuring optimal performance, saving of energy and overall well being of the cooling tower.

Ensure that when use unnecessary cooling towers are turned off also they can be sequenced for operation. This helps in energy saving and even use of the cooling towers.

Give an overall visual inspection to confirm that all components are okay and also the safety systems are there.

Ensure that water is flowing in the cooling tower.

  • Weekly maintenance procedures for FRP cooling tower
These procedures are aimed at ensuring the functionality of different parts of the tower and their efficiency. They also include routine cooling tower service and maintenance.

Fan motor condition inspection- You should perform analysis on the temperature and vibration, also do a comparison of the base values.

Cleaning of debris should be done to avoid clogging. Another procedure that should be performed is water testing. Blow-down and chemicals should be adjusted as per the requirements of the water test.

You should also check the cooling tower structure for loose fill, leakages, connection and also excessive vibration.  

  • Monthly maintenance checklist

These procedures may be as directed by the manufacturer for servicing such lubrication but you as the owner should use the opportunity check on wear and lose parts.

Perform lubrication of bearings as per manufacturer recommendations. You should also check for excessive wear and secure fastening.

Motor alignment should be done on the coupling in order to allow the efficiency of torque transfer. Check for the right positioning and scale buildup in the drift eliminators, louvers, and fill.

  • Quarterly to Annual cooling tower maintenance checklist

It is aimed at thorough cleaning and overall maintenance of the FRP cooling tower.

Tower cleaning should be done to remove all the dust, scale and algae from the basin, fill and nozzles. Bearing should be inspected together with drive belts for wear. Adjustments, repairs, and replacements should be implemented as per requirement.

You should also check the bearings and the drive belts for wear. They should be adjusted, repaired or replaced as seen necessary.

The motor temperature and vibration analysis the cooling tower should also be checked to ensure long life.


How to extend the life of your cooling tower largely depends on the water quality used as it contributes to the amount of corrosion, scale, algae among others. Treatment of source water will go a long way in reduction of costs, energy consumption and cleaning process of FRP cooling tower.

Regular maintenance checklist will help to extend the life of your cooling tower. Faulty parts or loose parts reduces the efficiency of the tower and may also contribute to complications of other components. Worn off parts can also contribute mechanical breakdown of other interconnected parts. You should also ensure that when replacing the off-shelf parts that it is done with genuine parts. The parts should also be as per recommendation and ratings of the manufacturer. Parts not conforming to ratings may reduce the efficiency and the life of the cooling tower by faulting other interrelated components. Example bearings should be fitting in the housing as loose one will not produce the desired results. Forced bearings will, in turn, cost you the housing.

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