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What you need to know about historical natural gas prices in Alberta

What You Need to Know About Historical Natural Gas Prices In Alberta You can access and study the historical pricing for Direct Energy natural gas in Alberta at any time and it reveals some interesting facts. Keep reading to learn all of the good things you can determine by historical pricing figures.

The Price for Natural Gas in August 2019 is Notably Less Than August 2018

One of the first facts that jump out from looking at the historical pricing of natural gas is the lower price from the same month of the previous year. The cost of natural gas for general use in the home averaged 1.160 dollars per GJ in 2018 to the lower price of 1.029 dollars per GJ. An over 13-cent drop is one that’s noticeable on your bill, even with moderate use. You can use the pricing history to see the rate difference at a glance for any month of the year.

The Pricing Trend Over the Past Year Has Been Consistently Downward

Depending on sourcing your gas from retailers can mean you never benefit from the months that show dramatic drops in price. At Direct Energy, our regulated services can provide you with the best possible price throughout the year, no matter the demands and season. You can see that our prices have trended consistently downward, which means the savings to customers has been ongoing. We’ve been able to leverage the best pricing through smart market buys and other price containment methods. It’s a demonstration of the positive aspects of purchasing regulated services when it comes to natural gas.

Regulated Services Are Locking In Lower Prices

Looking at the historical natural gas prices in Alberta offered by Direct Energy shows you that every effort is made to secure the best prices for customers at all times. The fear that natural gas prices will spike to unreachable and unaffordable levels without warning is not backed by solid data from previous months. We’ve been able to secure a cheaper price every month over the past year and plan to continue this benefit for customers as long as possible.

Customers Have Paid Less for Natural Gas Over the Past Year

Comparing the cost for each month between the current year and the past year shows every customer has paid less for the same natural gas use for each individual month. It adds up to real savings when counting up your costs over the year. The drop in price for regulated service makes natural gas a more attractive home energy option.

You Can Reasonably Expect to Pay Lower Prices Through Each Winter Month
The abundance and ease of obtaining domestic natural gas supplies make it clear pricing will continue trending lower for the foreseeable future. You can feel reasonably confident the price each month of the coming winter period will be somewhat cheaper than the same month of the year previous. Staying warm will not be as much of a financial struggle for families using natural gas for heat.

Contact experts at Direct Energy and find out more about establishing regulated natural gas services today.

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