7 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Builder For Your New Home

October 16, 2019

Building your home can be a truly scary process. No doubt, you’ve heard lots of stories about all the things that could go wrong with a construction project and it worries you a little. When you lack the knowledge and experience in the many skills needed to create a beautiful home, it can make you second-guess your decision or at least hesitate in getting started.

The good news though is that while things can go wrong with a major construction project like designing and building your own home, most builders are fully capable and highly professional. And there is vast information online on building home, waiting for you to get noticed. You can even go through the latest home building guide from NovusHomes.com.au which will help you get kick-started.

Then you will be ready to choose wisely, and you will have an excellent chance of finding a builder that you can work well with and get the quality job you’re looking for.

1. Timing

While you might think you’re getting ahead of the game by calling builders as soon as you begin to develop your ideas and designs, but that might not be the smartest move. In order to get the right builder for the project, you need to already know what you need. That means your drawings, plans, and all the details for the house should already have been decided before you contact potential builders.

2. Do Your Homework

Before you are ready to start accepting bids, you’ll need to do a little investigative work. Get in touch with friends, family, and acquaintances for recommendations. Good builders like John Munro Builder Townsville have stellar reputations and a following of satisfied customers. Ask about their experience, how fast they respond to requests, the quality of their work, and how well the communicate. Most important of all, you need to know if they are willing to guarantee their work.

3. Communication Styles

Most builders are ready to meet your expectations and will do everything they can to stay within your budget, but if they can’t communicate well, it could destroy the entire project. If when you contact a builder and they take too long to respond, refuse to listen to your input, or fail to give you progress reports when requested, it could be an indication that your project will have problems. Better to find one that you know is listening to your needs and is ready to communicate on your level.

4. Scope

You can also choose a builder based on the scope of your project. Every builder has his own body of expertise. One might specialize in luxury homes while others may be more experienced in smaller and more practical projects. Find those builders who have a reputation for the kind of home you’d like to build. You’re looking for a balance of experience, quality, and economy.

5. Aim For Simplicity

You’ll quickly learn that there are a lot of jobs involved in building a home. It may seem practical to hire an expert in every field. However, that would leave you to manage and juggle all the different elements involved in construction. Consider hiring a general contractor to coordinate everything. You’re less likely to go over budget and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and fewer complications.

6. Compare Bids

Collect at least four or five different bids and compare them. Examine them for their attention to detail and what each bid includes. It is not uncommon for several bidders to have a wide range of prices for the exact same project. The differences are in the details, so it is important that you look them over thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clarify exactly what they are promising.

7. Get A Contract

It is important that you get everything agreed upon down in writing. There are many different types of contracts you can draw up, but make sure that the agreement includes timelines, drawings, a detailed list of the work to be done, and the terms of payment. Your contract should also include potential setbacks and how they will handle them.

Bottom line, most builders will give you a quality job on your new home with a minimal number of problems. Therefore, the differences will be in the details. By keeping these tips in mind when finding the right one for your project, you are less likely to lose money, time, and energy on a builder that you’re not truly in sync with.


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