What are Leather Repair Kits, their use and Applicability

October 2, 2019

  1. Leather Repair Kits

Leather looks stunning on couches, car seats, sofa, easy chairand other materials and it is very expensive due to which you do not want to throw away your leather material just because of minor scratch. You do not need any master repair man for fixing small scratch or nicks, you can do it by yourself at home with the help of glue. However, if leather is extensively damages you need leather repair kit. They come with a patch material which is used to fill up the tore down area left behind by deep cuts, and a filler which is used to repair cracks.

If you have kids who like to play around and sometimes you may have sharp tools with you, then you do not need to be amazed by looking at a hole in your couch, sofa or leather car seat. If you want to repair your chair perfectly then you can ask a pro to fix it for you, which will cost about $150. However, you can do it by yourself if you want to stop further tearing of the leather by using leather repair kit. Leather repair kit solves the problem, it is relatively inexpensive and you can repair your leather seat in about 60 minutes. But the problem is you may not get a perfect color match, however the leather repair kit will fix the tear or hole.

People have bought leather materials because it feel soft, looks elegant and above all it is durable.Therefore, getting crazy when you notice a small scratch or tear on your leather sofa or jacket is normal, it can be left behind by your naughty baby or if you are a pet lover then your cat or dog. These small cuts, tears or scratches can be repaired to look better as compared to leaving them unrepaired.Best leather repair kit contain variety of colors, a patch to fix the tear and a high quality glue. It can help you to repair the leather, it may not look new however it will look better. Whether you leather seats or clothes have been damaged by cuts, fangs, scratches, cracks or they have lost their colors then leather repair kits can help you.

This looks easy as a miracle solution, however all leather repair kits does not contain same high quality material. In order to buy best leather repair kit you need to consider few things including, the colors, number of patches that it contain, glue quality and filler material. It should contain a wide range of colors, so that you can choose the right one for your leather. A proper color match will make the repair look a lot better as compared with a bad color match. Number of patches are also important as patch material is soft and glue can easily stick to it. Glue is certainly the main material as it will hold the patch, better the quality better the retention time of patch. Scratches and small tears can be filled up with filler material, which is soft and colored.

  • Essential Components of a Leather Repair Kit

Leather repair kit is considered to be one solution for all leather related issues, therefore it should contain a wide range of accessories if variety of issues are to be covered. It should contain materials for repairing burns, scratches, cuts and tears and proper coloring. Best leather repair kits mostly contain 10-25 pieces of accessory, these include all the materials and necessary tools to repair the damaged leather. It is better to have alcohol wipes and cloths for washing and cleaning the leather. You can find sandpaper and grain paper for preparing the adhesive contained in leather repair kit. They also contain applications swabs, sample leather pieces to be used as a patch, backing fabrics. For recoloring, the leather repair kits come with dyes and paints, they also have sponges for cleaning, and you will also get a bowl and mixing tools. For application of color you can find a wide range of dry pens and a lot brushes and it will contain instruction manual for guiding you.

All best leather repair kits  usually contain these items, however they can be in different size or quantity. Some high quality leather repair kits contain glue guns and glue pens, however other may come with liquid glue. Adhesives are essential part of leather repair kits, they come in form of tube of glue or otherwise they can also be sticky patches, backing fabrics are also included and leather patches come in many colors.

Leather repair kits can be used in variety of situations, however it is recommended that you should select the right color of leather samples, dyes, paints and backing fabrics. In the same way, you should also opt for extra cleaning materials and have adequate quantity of application tools.

  • Guide to use Leather Repair Kit

No doubt that leather is very durable however it is still prone to cuts and tears. But, it is not easy to replace leather materials as they are expensive and need skills to repair or hide the damaged area. Prominent issues on your leather materials such as furniture and clothing can be fixed by the proper use of leather repair kits. If your sofa or couch have a deep cut or tear then you can use leather repair kit to fill that gap by using a patch. You can smooth the surface of leather materials in case of scratches and abrasions by utilizing leather repair kits. You can polish the scratches area and wax it with dyes in order to hide them.

Furthermore, if leather is cracking up then you can fix this by using a filler material contained in leather repair kits, and then the surface is oiled to restore the elasticity and moisture. Burned surface can also be repaired by removing the burned area and then filling the hole and polishing it afterwards.

How to Repair Cuts and Tears in Leather Products

Small cuts occur often as compared with deep holes and they are relatively easy to repair with leather repair kit. First of all you need to clean the leather area where cut is located by using alcohol on a soft rag. This will help to clean the area and make it free of dust and grease present on surface. Be careful when you are cleaning the leather with alcohol as excess alcohol can impair the glossy surface coats. You should not use on suede and nubuck, use of white vinegar is recommended. You can also use leather cleaner, however most of them contain conditioners and they leave residue on leather surface and they do not remove greasy stains.

After properly cleaning the surface you can apply the glue beneath the flap. Your leather repair kit contain glue material which is labelled to be used on your synthetic leather material. However, if you are repaired original leather then it is recommended to use super glue as it will give you better results compared with any other sticky material. Take a small amount of glue on a stick provided with leather repair kit or use toothpick and apply glue evenly in a thin layer on the flap.

Once you are done applying glue, the next step is to reattach the flap by softly pressing it against the surface. Leave one side open yet and clean the extra glue off the surface before it get dry after closing one side.

If you have genuine leather and you have applied glue on the cut then next step is to sand (320 grit) the super glue so that it sticks properly and fill in the empty spaces. This should be done before glue dries, and press it until you feel that surface is smooth. However, if you are repairing delicate leathers then you should use 500 grit sandpaper. You should skip the step if you are using leather glue for repairing.

Following the application of glue and sandpaper, you should let the material dry for better results. When glue is dried, assess the color if it is similar to leather, if it is not then look on the dye for suitability with your leather type. If it is suitable then you can proceed to coloring. Before applying color, you should test the color on a sample leather. Allow it to set for some time and do not use heat to dry, as it will damage the leather.

Same process can be followed for repairing the deep cuts in your leather products, however you should include a patch and filler material to cover the hole. Once patch is successfully attached, then you can proceed to coloring. Let the material dry and wait for results.

Leather repair kits can be used to deal with cuts and tears, however perfection is not what you should be looking for. The color might be little different, but hey, you are covering the deep cuts and holes, which is surely better than leaving them unattended.

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