Cycling at night – safety basics

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It’s only common for avid cyclists to find themselves riding at night. Whether it’s inadvertently or on purpose, it’s best to prepare yourself and your bike for safety. Cycling at night, if not done carefully, can put you in danger. It’s difficult to see any potential hazards when you’re in the dark. You wouldn’t even know if there’s an open utility hole or a road repair ahead. You should also watch out for pedestrians and other cyclists heading in the wrong direction, too. Taking a trip in the dark without any bike lights would only put you at risk. Even more, it can also catch other people by surprise and cause an even bigger problem. So, you should always take it to account for these things by cycling more carefully and giving yourself enough time to think. There are a few essential items that you need to have to ensure your safety when cycling at night. Aside from having a good pair of bike lights, you also need some protective clothing and rear bike light. Bike wheel lights can also help, especially if you want to have a 360-degree safety on the road. But are there any other pieces of equipment that you need to help make the best out of your night ride? If you want to learn more about it, then it’s best to read on. You might discover something new that can change your night ride experience entirely.

Bicycle lights- the first step to success

Any cyclists riding at night should have a red rear reflector, a white headlamp, yellow or white reflectors on the pedals and wheel spokes. But having these lights aren’t enough to make your bike noticeable.

Cycle Torch knows your concerns. That’s why they make products to help solve the most common cycler problems when it comes to road safety. The company designs products that can help you see roads much better while keeping you safe at the same time. They provide the perfect balance between high quality and top-of-the-line features at an affordable cost.

If you’re planning to get headlights for your bicycle, it’s a must to get the rear light and the front light. You need to ensure that both products have the right lumens level to make you visible even in the darkest of night.

You’ll want a powerful front bike light with over 200 lumens to cast a steady beam on the road. Anything beyond 200 lumens is enough for riders to see you even at a sensible speed. Even more, it can also illuminate the way ahead, too. You’ll see any potholes open or rogue animals crossing the road without a problem. Meanwhile, 

When choosing a rear bike light, you need to have one that blinks. A blinking red light has much better chances of catching the attention of any motorist driving by who might otherwise not glance at you. Some of these products even have reflective material inside them, so it can also function as the rear reflector.

You should also ensure that the bike lights that you purchase have rechargeable batteries in case your juice ran out. You can plug it in a USB port and wait for it to get filled until you can get back on the road again. Cycle Torch bike lights have specially engineered optics that can run for more than an hour. It also has a USB Taillight included so you wouldn’t have to worry about finding one if ever you need it.

Other accessories for greater protection

Aside from having the right set of bike lights, there are also other products that you need to have to ensure your safety. Wearing a properly fitted helmet with each ride is perfect, as this can help protect you from any head or brain injuries.

Also, prepare all your tools a day before and put it all in your seat post bag. You should also have some spare inner tubes handy as well as a multi-tool in the bag to save you from any mechanical trouble. Remember to bring some reflective gear or accessories so that you’ll be extra visible during the night. Don’t forget to charge your mobile phone if ever you need to call someone. You can also try to bring a power bank so that you’ll have something to replenish its juice if it loses power.


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