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Devil’s Bridge (Rakotzbrücke) Germany


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Devil’s Bridge is a term applied to the dangerous looking bridges throughout primarily Europe that were built during the Medieval Time (1000-1600 A.D.). The bridges are sometimes mis-categorized as built during the Roman time period because of their magnificent Roman style Engineering. The Devil’s Bridge has been a term attributed to these skimpy yet strong bridges because the construction of them seemed so impossible that only the devil could have created them. Just by a glance they may look a little bit unsturdy but after surviving multiple hundreds of years I am sure they are safe (don’t take my word).



Kromlauer Park is located in Saxony Germany and contains around 200 acres of beautiful landscape with Gothic architecture within. The most famous part of Kromlauer Park is the Devil’s Bridge that crosses the Rakotzsee, hens the name Rakotzbrücke. The bridge also contains stone structures that were constructed around the bridge. What is so breath-taking is view of the bridge during sunset as it create a beautiful water reflection of a full circle. The brisge can be visited from a walking path but is not open to be directly walked upon for conservation purposes.



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  1. Just a note, rakotzbrucke was built in 1860. It’s designed to *look* medieval, but it’s not– it’s high german romanticism.


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