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Durango, Colorado Is The Ultimate Winter Road Trip Destination For Families


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Going on a road trip is one of the greatest American traditions that continues to be popular among families. While most people hit the road during the summer months, winter road trips are becoming more popular, with a new survey revealing that 20 percent of travelers are looking forward to participating in winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. If you’re searching for a new winter road trip destination that offers a wide range of activities for the whole family, then Durango, Colorado is the place for you. Not only do you and your loved ones get to have fun on a ski resort, but you can also enjoy dining, exploring, and other adventure-filled experiences in this amazing city. Here are all the reasons why Durango is the ultimate winter road trip destination for the whole family.

Go exploring at Mesa Verde National Park

Getting around Durango is a dream, as the paved roads makes for a smooth drive, whether you’re behind the wheel of an RV camper, a compact yet spacious SUV, or a sports coupe. When choosing a vehicle for your road trip, pick one that has a lot of legroom, and consider features that add comfort like a climate control system, an entertainment system, and comfy seats to make your winter road trip more enjoyable for everyone. Once your vehicle has been sorted out, plan on going to a place that allows you to go on a driving tour, such as a national park. The Mesa Verde National Park is just about an hour’s drive away from Durango, and it’s the perfect spot to go exploring with children. This UNESCO World Heritage site is where kids can learn how Native Americans lived back in the day, as it features archaeological sites and ancient cliff dwellings. Apart from that, you and your loved ones can also experience thrilling outdoor activities such as ziplining and rafting, though it’s probably best to do the latter during the summer or spring months.

Winter activities at the Purgatory Ski Resort

Durango is home to the Purgatory Ski Resort, which features beginner, intermediate and expert runs, so everyone, regardless of skill level, can definitely have a wonderful time skiing here. You can also enjoy other winter outdoor activities such as tubing, sleigh rides, and snowshoe tours, among others. If you don’t want to stay in town, the resort has luxurious accommodations that come equipped with a pool and hot tub, and it even has its own restaurant.

Take a walking tour downtown

Durango has managed to preserve some of its most iconic and historical buildings, and if you take a walking tour downtown, you can see structures that date back to the Victorian era. During the day, kids can visit the Powerhouse Science Center, which has lots of activities and interactive exhibits. Meanwhile, grown ups can go on a Durango beer tasting tour, as the city has five craft beer breweries, while wine enthusiasts can go wine tasting at the Four Leaves Winery. 

Durango has lots of activities that are suitable for everyone in the family, so for your next road trip, consider this charming Colorado city for a winter holiday that you’ll never forget.


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