What are European Windows and Doors?

November 9, 2019

european windows

Are you looking for European windows and doors for your new house, but does not know anything about them? Then you have come into the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you about them.

European Windows

There are many types of European windows, some of the types are similar to the American ones. But the main differences are the functionality and manufacturing principles. There are the following types:

Tilt and Turn Windows

One of my favorite types of European windows. This type has a great weatherproofing and security features. Moreover, they can open in two ways. You can turn them just like the casement windows and also can tilt them. If you only want them to open for ventilation then you can tilt them.

Tilt-Only Windows

The second type just has one opening. It is used in spaces where ventilation is important. That is why; they are mainly used in the basement and bathrooms. It will keep the outside elements out and will let the fresh air come into the house.

Fixed Windows

It appears from the name of the type that you cannot open them. They are fixed into the walls and do not contain any handle or hinge to operate them. The main purpose of this window is to keep the outside elements out and only let the light comes into the room. If you need ventilation too, then you need to pair them with tilt-only windows.

European windows are just like any other window in the world. They only differ in their design and functionality. Moreover, the build quality is really good which allows them to last for years with minimal maintenance.

European Doors

European doors provide extra security and other functionalities that are not available in their counterparts. Moreover, these doors are made with German quality parts which makes them more durable. There are following types of European doors:

Lift and Slide Doors

These doors are very unique in their opening mechanism. When you turn the knob to open the door, it slightly lifts it off the seals. After that, you can easily move the door without any effort. When you want to close the door, simply turn the knob to a closed position. The door will then connect with the seals.

Tilt and Slide Doors

This type has a tilt and then slide mechanism. If you want to open the door, turn the knob of the door and it will tilt out of the seals. After that, it will free and you can slide them to open the door. To close the door, slide the door against the seals and turn the knobs to connect it to the seals.

Tilt and Open Doors

It is a similar mechanism but there is a difference. Instead of sliding the door you can open it like any other traditional door. Just turn the knob and it will tilt, then you will be able to easily open the door. These were some of the best types of European doors. You cannot find such functionalities in any American doors.

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