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What to Expect When Looking for a Rental in DC

The District of Columbia (DC) is a large metropolitan area in the United States, and whether you have been offered your dream job or are starting a fresh chapter, you probably will want to make your new move to Washington as stress-free as possible. There is a lot to do in the city, from monuments and memorials to varied neighborhoods and lively restaurants. If you’re looking to find a rental in DC, there are a few things to consider, and below you will find some tips to help you in your apartment search.

Know Your Budget – Before even beginning searching for an apartment, you need to know your budget and priorities you want in an apartment. For example, do you need a pet-friendly place, or are you willing to pay more for an apartment to be closer downtown.

It’s going to Take Time – Make sure to give yourself a couple of months to search, apartment searching will take time. Using a site such as Real Estate Rentals can help you in your search. Two months before you are ready to move is about the time to start actively looking for an apartment.

Do Your Research – There are four quadrants that D.C. is divided into known as Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. Each quadrant has its own sets of unique neighborhoods that offer a variety of shops, dining, and views of the Potomac River. Research information on each block to see which one would suit you best and how easy it is to get around the area.

Select Your Location Carefully – while researching neighborhoods, you will discover that apartments near the Metro are the most expensive. Also, if you have a vehicle, it’s essential to inquire with potential landlords about parking, and if it is extra or included in the price of your rent.

Consider Living with a Roommate – A roommate might be something to consider if you are looking to save money.  It is possible to split a two-bedroom apartment for a lot less money. Sharing an apartment also means that you will be splitting utility bills, as well.

Be Prepared – The hunt for apartments in DC is competitive, which means you need to be fully prepared for the rental process, which includes having your two most recent paystubs, copies of your credit report, a photocopy of your ID, and references from at least tenants or an employer.

Don’t Think About It Too Much – If you come across the apartment that meets your main criteria, then do not hesitate and think too long about it. Apartments in Dc are first come, first served, and do not stay vacant for very long which means if you don’t apply right away, someone else could rent the apartment from underneath you.

Residents of Washington, DC enjoy some of the highest incomes in the nation, but the city also has a higher cost of living. Depending on the neighborhood you decide to rent an apartment in, you could expect to pay over $2000 for a one-bedroom apartment. The closer you rent to downtown or the transportation the higher your rent will be.

There are over 100 neighborhoods in DC, and narrowing down the best area is hard, some well-know communities with good reputations are Shaw, Capitol Hill, West End and Dupont Circle. In each neighborhood, you’ll find free entertainment to enjoy cute coffee shops, or stroll through historic sites and museums. You’ll find resident outdoors year-round biking, running, walking, hiking, or enjoy the gardens and parks all over the city.

Washington, DC, is a unique and beautiful city that is rich with history, gardens, restaurants, shopping, and parks, all offering plenty of things to provide residents with year-round.

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