Wiz Khalifa's House in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

November 18, 2019

The Wiz Khalifa Pittsburgh House

The Wiz Khalifa Pittsburgh house is 3,900 square feet and is in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, for $900,000. Check it out!

The Wiz Khalifa Pittsburgh house consists of a 2.8 private wooded acre backyard, the 5-bedroom, stainless steel appliances, 4 bathrooms that have ecofriendly property features like Brazilian Koa floors, a separate guest house, plus a lavish master suite with high ceilings. He is still currently with Amber Rose the model.

This is not too far from where Wiz Khalifa went to High School. This shows that he wants to stay close to his hometown and not always live in crazy places like Los Angeles. LA is a very necessary place for him to work and visit, but not be all the time. This house is definitely a nice escape from it all.

Why it is so awesome

Wiz is probably very comfy in the house that has 5 bedrooms. He can have his friends stay over if they want to do a sleepover. I bet a sleepover at Wiz Khalifa's house is fun. Think about all the cool rappers that would be there. The house is also amazing because it is in the middle of a forest area. This allows Wiz to relax and meditate and medicate whenever he feels like it. This place is simply the best.

Look at pictures of the new house below. We have photos of many other celebrity homes on our site. Search up your favorite celebrity and you will find their home. Which celebs home do you like the best? Wiz Khalifa gives a lot of other celebrities for their money with this home. Please leave any comments, comments, or concerns below.

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4 comments on “Wiz Khalifa's House in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania”

  1. i love your house wiz khalifa love you my baby bye kelly

  2. Well omg you my #1 fan i have you all over my room and i always always here you're musics 24/7 well i always dream about you that you were here in front of me (; but ig not ); well i hope to see you one day. Reply ?

  3. Omg. I love you so much I have you all over my room I even my an Wiz Khalifa IPhone Case like I love you so much you don't even know it lol LOVE YOU BYE!!

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