5 smart tips for painting a House Exterior

December 31, 2019

Taking care of yourself is a big part of everyone's life. You so desperately try to make sure you look good on every occasion. The same rule applies to your house. You want to be able to invite friends and family to your home and make them stunned by its beauty. And to achieve that you need your house to be painted. So you found yourself on a mission to bring your home back to its former glory. Just don't feel overwhelmed by the amount of work on your way to the most beautiful house in the neighbourhood. Here are five smart tips for you to paint your house exterior fast and furious. 

Make yourself taller

Look up at your house. Quite tall, isn't it? You now start to regret the decision to make your home a two-store building. Well, there is something that can help you during the painting process. And surprisingly it is not stilted. What you need is to make yourself taller safely, you need a scaffold tower. You can buy one. However, it might be easier to reach out to places, like Lakeside Hire, to rent a scaffold tower for the time of the painting. You don't want to buy such a big tool only for this one activity. Where will you store it after you are done? Please, remember that there are many types of towers, so choose the one that matches your house the best.

Wash your house nice and easy

Before you start painting, you should make sure you have a clean surface to paint on. Nobody wants to paint over dirt. It is hard even to imagine a house that doesn't need a proper wash before a makeover. If you don't believe that, just take a white piece of material and run it against a wall. Now that you know your house needs to be washed, you should ask yourself, what is the best way to do it? Cleaning your house only with your hands and some basic equipment can take days. To make it quick and effortless, you should consider using a pressure washer. To make the wash most effective do it in two cycles. In the first run, use a cleaning solution and then rinse your house with clean water.

The right colour

Trends change every week. You want your house to stay relevant and to be considered pretty for years, not weeks. To escape the need of painting your home every other month or week, choose classic, safe colours. A good tip is to paint your house the same colour or darker. If you want a lighter colour, you will have to increase the number of layers needed to achieve that perfect finish you are looking for. Also, you will have to repaint your house more often, as any dirt will be more visible on a lighter wall. If you don't remember the name of the shade used to paint your house in the first place, peel a little bit of the old paint and take it with you to the dedicated paint store. They will find you a match.

Roll that paint

Rolling your paint is the way to go. If you have a flat surface to your house, don't even think about it, use a roller and pole. You can cover your walls faster, and the paint goes down thick as well. It should take you less than a day. You can paint your house in hours, toss the roller cover, and come back to your more important tasks like some downtime with your family.

Cleaning brushes in minutes

Unfortunately, the work doesn't stop after you are done painting. You still have to clean the mess you made on your way to having the most stunning house ever. There is a trick you should consider before you start your project. And what you should do is to buy some really inexpensive roller covers, foam brushes and any other tools that require washing afterwards. When you finish painting, you just take them straight to the bin and forget all about them. If you already have some quality brushes, clean them quickly with water and a paintbrush comb. Your house exterior is just as important as your own exterior. You need to take good care of it, and you need to do it often. Painting, replacing broken stuff, cleaning, seems like a lot of work, but it is totally worth it. Taking care of your house needs can be tricky, but not really, when you are smart enough to do some research before you start. Prepare yourself not only to give your house a quick makeover but also to be amazed at how well you did. You can paint your house for days, but what for, when you can do it in a matter of hours. It is always better to approach any project looking for the smart way out. Don't break much sweat and paint your home with a smile.

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