Common Issues with New Construction Plumbing

December 31, 2019

You’ve just moved into your new place. Everything is perfect. This is the house that you’ve always dreamed of having. It has the perfect number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the right amount of natural light, ample yard space, and a spacious kitchen. There just isn’t a single flaw!

That is until you notice a leak in your pipes, a clog in a faucet, or low water pressure that is suspiciously seasonal.

Whatever it may be, new construction plumbing issues are extremely common. It’s easy for contractors to forget to do something the right way or take a shortcut to get things done on schedule. If you’re beginning to notice some of the issues we’re going to discuss in this article, then you need to call in a plumber ASAP.

Even if you haven’t yet experienced these issues, it’s good to get ahead of the curve by being aware of the most common issues that plague the plumbing systems in newly constructed structures.

Clogged Pipes

One of the most common problems with new construction plumbing is clogged pipes. A pipe can clog up for a variety of reasons, and many of those reasons can occur during the construction of a house. 

For instance, some construction debris can be leftover in a pipe and be forgotten to be taken out. Or, someone could have accidentally hooked up a pipe to the wrong source, resulting in debris getting in.

Another common issue is that a valve simply isn’t turned on. So, before finding a local plumber to call, remember that the construction team may have just forgotten to turn the valve on. Thus, before calling in a professional, check out all of the valves and ensure that they’re turned all the way on.

Blocked Drainage

Another common issue is blocked drainage. Blocked drainage could very easily result during the construction process. Let’s say that some debris was trying to get flushed or washed away, but didn’t make it all the way through the pipes. Voila! You know have a clogged pipe that results in blocked drainage.

Blocked drainage can have drastic consequences for a building. The buildup of water pressure can result in pipes getting damaged and potentially bursting. Also, if something got into a pipe which isn’t supposed to be going down that pipe, it could even cause problems in the water mains way down the line. So, if your drainage is blocked anywhere, call in a professional ASAP.

Noisy Plumbing

Noisy plumbing may not always be a dire issue that you have to handle right away, but there’s nothing worse than having to listen to rattle, squeak, or whistle in your new home every time you’re getting up to brush your teeth. A new home simply shouldn’t have those issues.

Noisy plumbing can be caused by a variety of issues. A pipe that is loosely connected can wobble back and forth against the next pipe that it’s connected to. A washer that wasn’t tightened down all the way can vibrate with the water flow. The reasons are endless, but they all need to be fixed.

Low Water Quality

Low water quality can happen in a newly constructed building very easily. If the pipes weren’t cleaned out all the way when they were brought in and installed, that could very easily lead to stuff coming down your pipes that shouldn’t be there.

Another potential for error is the pipe having been hooked up to the wrong water source. Or, the faucets themselves could have significant sediment buildup in them that hadn’t been cleaned out. Thus, any water that passes through them carries those quality-ruining particles, even though the water might have been clean all the way up until that point.

Leaking Valves And Pipes

Leaky valves and pipes are the bane of any new structure. Often, the problem that is the root cause of a leaky valve is simply that it wasn’t tightened down all the way when it was put in. Or, a pipe wasn’t adjusted against a connecting pipe perfectly. It’s an easy mistake to make, but a costly one.

Water Damage

Within a home, water damage could have resulted from plumbing issues that were present during construction. These issues may not be visible to the naked eye. Instead, they may be hidden under flooring or warping away in the walls. But they’re there.

The only way to fix this water damage is to tackle it as soon as it manifests itself. Sooner or later, you might notice a warped spot that changes how the floorboards are positioned. Or, you might have a damp spot in your wallet that hasn’t dried out. Whatever it is, when you find it you need to tackle it ASAP.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is the final result of many of the plumbing issues discussed above. It could be a clogged pipe. It could be a loose connection. It could be the wrong water source. Fixing low water pressure is important and the key solution of the plumbing issues.

Whatever the cause may be, the end issue that results is water pressure that doesn’t get high enough for you to wash your hands, let alone take your shower.

Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet may not seem like a major deal. But did you know that a single leaky faucet, depending on the rate of leakage, could waste anywhere from 50 to 100 gallons every year? If you have multiple leaky faucets in your home, then go ahead and multiply that figure.

Not only is that a significant cost for you, but it’s horrible for the environment. Water is a precious resource and should be treated as such.

Why Never DIY Troubleshoot Common Issues with New Construction Plumbing?

It is best to hire a plumbing professional, like CE Plumbing & Heating, to handle new construction plumbing issues to ensure the quality of work. Never attempt to DIY these issues because you won't be properly compensated by the contractor if you do so.

Hiring a plumbing professional from a trusted and experienced plumbing service company is the best course of action since they can also document the problem and the resolution made. This way, you can seek the right amount of compensation from your new house for a poorly installed plumbing system.

Also, a minor plumbing problem can become worse if you insist on repairing your plumbing system without knowledge and experience handling such a problem. You'll end up paying more for major repairs brought about by incorrect DIY troubleshooting.

How to Hire the Right Plumber for You

When hiring a professional plumber who will help you every time you have a plumbing issue, it's important to take important things into consideration. Remember that you'll be needing plumbing services every year for the annual assessment and emergency basis.

Here are the important things you need to consider when hiring a professional plumber:

  • Credentials: Make sure to check the plumber's training certification, license, and business permits to ensure you're dealing with a legitimate and reputable plumber.
  • Experience: Ask relevant questions about the plumber's work experience and the types of plumbing problems they usually encounter and resolve. 
  • Seek Referrals: To have an idea of how a plumbing company treats its customers, referrals from family and friends can be a good source of information.
  • Check the Website: Visit the plumbing company's website and check if it has a physical address to ensure that it is a legitimate business. Also, read the services offered and make sure you choose one who can provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

New Construction Plumbing Issues

If you’re worried that your new home is compromised because of all the new construction plumbing issues you’ve been facing, don’t be! Even though these issues may seem bad at the moment, they can all be fixed as long as you call in the right professional as soon as you notice something wrong.

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