If Dogs Could Have Houses, This is Exactly What They Would Look Like…


Dogs are such a huge part of many people’s lives, that sometimes it is hard to remember they are not actually human. If you own a dog or any pet for that matter, you know you think your pet has his or her very own personality. A personality that shines brighter than anybody else’s pet. 

But what if your dog could choose things he or she wants in life? Like a house? Empire Today recently illustrated “which home style matches each dog breed” and what they came up with seems pretty on point. 

Keep scrolling to see our four favorite houses: 

Corgi – Tiny Home:

(Source: Empire Today)

Chihuahua – The Mission Revival Home:

(Source: Empire Today)

German Shepherd – The Log Cabin

(Source: Empire Today)

Golden Retriever – The Colonial

(Source: Empire Today)


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