What To Do If Your House Floods

December 16, 2019

Some disasters have forewarnings that can give you time to prepare – not so much about prevention, but more about preparation for the aftermath. However, it becomes more disastrous when they come like a thief in the night, like a fire or flood in your property.

When this happens, all you can do is to wish for lesser damage to your property and that there will be no casualties involved. Also, to help you recover from a fire, it’s important to hire a fire damage restoration Utah or anywhere in the world.

In terms of a flood, you might think it’s much simpler to deal with when it comes to recovering valuables. In some way, it might be accurate, but it’s still something you don’t want to experience first hand. So in these situations, preparedness and damage control will be your primary weapons.

Below are some essential tips to take note of when your house experienced flooding:

Safety First

First, check if whether everyone in the household is safe; two-legged and four-legged members alike. Make sure that each is unhurt and doesn’t need any immediate medical attention.

Another concern is whether it’s safe to walk through the water without the risk of electrocution. If there’s a way for you to shut down the fuse box without risking your safety, do it. Otherwise, call an electrician to help you out.

Turn Off The Source Of The Flooding

There are many causes of floods, and these may affect you differently. If the flooding is caused by heavy rains or other natural calamities, there’s nothing much you can do but wait for it to subside.

However, if it’s caused by busted pipes, turn off the main water valve immediately to stop further flooding and causing more damage.

Move to Safety

In times of disaster, it would be good if you and your family can vacate your house and relocate to somewhere safe and dry.

Typically, government agencies assign specific locations as temporary evacuation centers where affected families can settle in while waiting for the floodwater to subside.

Contact the Right People

It goes without saying that if there’s a situation at home, such as someone is hurt, is needing medical attention, or if you’re having difficulties vacating your place, call for help immediately.

However, it’s also a good idea to call your landlord if you’re just renting the place. If you’re the owner, call the insurance company right away. This way, they can instruct you what to do next as some may require that the place be inspected first before touching anything.

Keep Record of the Disaster

If in case your insurer was out of touch, it’s essential to document everything before even starting the cleanup and repair process. If you have a way to take pictures and record videos of the entire premises, the better.

Documenting the effects of calamities makes it easier to process claims against your property’s insurance provider. Disputes can be avoided if you have proof to show.

Commence the Cleanup

When everything has been taken care of, you can now begin the tedious process of cleaning, especially when the flood water has completely gone. But, before everything, prioritize your safety by using appropriate protective gear as you can be exposed to bacteria and other infections. Wearing boots, masks, and gloves are the staples in these cases.

However, if you don’t want to compromise your health and safety, you can tap the services of a Utah water damage repair & disaster cleanup company if you’re from around the area.

Prevent the Formation of Mold

The aftermath of flooding not only involves destroyed items, like documents, photos, furniture, appliances, etc. Except for the memories that are attached to printed old photos, everything else can be replaced.

Nevertheless, since the damages have already been done, what you should be more concerned about at this point is having to deal with more hazards, like molds. According to a study, molds have been associated with the development and aggravation of asthma in children. They have also been associated with eye, throat, and skin irritation, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, and allergies.

How Can You Prepare?

Some causes of floods can be more disastrous than others. However, they still can wreak havoc to your house and livelihood just the same.

To help mitigate the effects of floods, learning how to prepare for them is critical. Thus, consider the following:

  • Emergency kits should always be ready.
  • There should be a plan among family members about what to do in case of disasters.
  • Keep updated with the weather bulletin.
  • Turn off and disconnect appliances and sources of power if you have time.
  • If you’re constructing your house in flood-prone areas, it’s better to build the electric panel board, furnace, electric heater, and the likes elevated.
  • Notably lighter items, like documents, photos, and wooden furniture should be moved to higher levels of the house.

Parting Words

Whatever the causes of flooding you experience – flash floods, overbank flooding, coastal flooding, ice jam flooding, or engineering blunders, it doesn’t erase the fact that they can tremendously cause damage to properties and overall inconvenience. But, knowing how to prepare and to react spell the difference between being a sorry casualty and a triumphant survivor.

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