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10 Tips That Will Change How You Clean Your Apartment


Cleaning your home and apartment needs a lot of techniques and tricks. Your home definitely needs proper and perfect cleaning. But you must be worried and unsure where to start. But if you follow some easy techniques, then you can clean your home in one day. Hiring Professional cleaning company Dubai, one that can also clean home and surrounding effortlessly. Cleaning is very important for your home. So, you need to be focused and complete tasks in certain orders. You should know one thing that smaller space just seems to collect more unwanted dirt, dust, and clutter. You will have to follow these steps in order to get a clean apartment.


  1. Set monthly goals: You should make some goals monthly in order to clean your home. You will have to set goals monthly. The goal can motivate you to do something manageable and you can manage the clutter of your room. So, the goal is most important. You should make goals in order to clean your house. It also gives you some positive energy in order to do this tiresome task of cleaning.


  1. Declutter and clean as you proceed: De-clutter is the number one rule of your cleaning struggle. You will have to sort out the things at your house. If you do not want something in your house, then why should you still have it in your home? You should not fill your room with unnecessary and useless items. So, you will have to ditch the clutter and make space in your house. In that place, you can also add some new things as per your preference. After decluttering the things, you should clean your house as you proceed. You will have to start your cleaning process from little things. You should not ignore the little and small messy things in your house. You will have to rearrange your bedroom before leaving. You will have to straighten your bed sheet and fluff pillows and make your bed.


  1. Follow the dishes and laundry: If you notice that there is a need to wash your bed sheets and curtains, then you will have to put them in the washing machine. So, in the meantime, they will get cleaned while you are working with the rest of the house. Also, you will have to clean and clear your kitchen sinks. It is a healthy habit. You need to follow this as well. You will have to start to wash your dirty dishes, bowls or you can start your dishwasher to clean up all your messy and dirty dishes. After that, you can move to other rooms. You should use cleaning supplies without chemicals. This will give you a long-lasting effect and it is less harmful to your health as well.


  1. Clean from top to down: In the case of cleaning, you will have to start from top to down. Dusting is very important for your house. You need to follow some tricks in this matter. If you start from the top, then you will get a clean and clear room. First, you will have to clean the ceiling fan and dust the high shelves as well. This method helps you to clean all the dirt and dust from above. The lower shelves and lower area of your house will not get affected in this method. If you start from the bottom, then the dust and mites from the upper portion can affect the lower areas. So, this is a very good technique for your apartment cleaning.


  1. Tackle the bathroom: It is very much important to clean your bathrooms. If you have two bathrooms, then you can clean them one after another. You will have to spray the chemical-free disinfectant to the tub and toilet. After that, you need to wipe them all. You should always use chemical-free cleaners in order to get healthy bathrooms. After your toilet, tub and basin, you need to clean your walls and mirrors as well. The sparkling mirror will give you a fresh look of your bathroom. At the end of the task, you need to hang out some bathroom freshener for a long-lasting good smell.


  1. Clean the kitchen: You will have to kill the bacteria from your kitchen. You will have to wipe every single corner with disinfectant. After your cooking session, you need to clean every single corner and wipe down all your cabinets and appliances. It will keep you healthy and make your kitchen perfect and clean.


  1. Clean the fridge: Some of us think that the refrigerator is storage for our house. But you should not think of this. You will have to use your fridge for regular purpose. You cannot store unnecessary and stale food items in that. This is a very unhygienic habit. You should not follow this. You will have to remove all your items from the fridge. You can use the soapy water to clean all the shelves of your fridge. You can pull out the selves if you need to do the better cleaning. The clean fridge will smell nice. You’ll feel fresh and healthy.


  1. Clean the furniture: It is the high time to get out your vacuum cleaner. You should vacuum all your upholstered furniture with the help of a vacuum cleaner. But for the wooden and wicker furniture, you can use a rag and just wipe them out. It will shine immediately.


  1. Take care of floors: After the furniture, you need to vacuum all the carpets and rugs. You will have to swipe where needed including the underneath of the furniture. You will also have to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. If your floors need some extra cleaning, then you can mop them as well. Solid wooden flooring can be challenging to clean, so for that you can use home vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors for a spotless surface.


  1. Finish outside: You will have to clean your outside area and patio as well. You will have to clean and wash the garage sheds as well. At the time of cleaning, you should not miss any part of your house. So, from inside to outside, you need to clean and wash every single corner of your house.


You will have to plan all your workouts and cleaning procedures. You will have to make a list and follow these as well. You should not do these all very fast. You will have to slow down your process. The slow process can make your work better and sorted.


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