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5 Helpful Uses for Large Caster Wheels in an Industrial Setting

Before the invention of the wheel, everything was a drag, literally! However, this circular rolling object has changed the way things are carried and moved across long distances. It had a tremendous impact on human history and is probably man’s greatest invention.

Now let’s talk about caster wheels. Casters are a good example of the evolution of design or innovation. It’s an assembly consisting of a wheel and bracket attached to the bottom of a large object to enable it to move.

Caster wheels have made carrying goods easier and more efficient than ever before.

There are different types of casters, but, in this article, we’ll focus on large caster wheels. These are heavy-duty wheel assemblies that are designed for heavier workloads. Keep on reading to learn more about their utility in different industries.

  1. Shipping Containers

These massive steel containers are the ones that you see in a shipyard. Fitting caster wheels to the freight is a low-cost alternative to using cranes and forklifts.

An advantage of using casters is that there are no protruding parts. You can stack containers closer together to save space without the risk of damage.

Casters are designed for towing and can move even loaded containers that are up to 40 feet in length. You can use them for various shipping operations such as loading, unloading, and container manufacture and repair.

  1. Using Large Caster Wheels in Manufacturing

For a manufacturing plant, speed and efficiency are important. There’s often a need to move heavy parts or equipment to different locations within the plant. Heavy duty casters allow for fluid movement of the heavy components used in manufacturing.

They are also used in the assembly line of large machinery, such as automobiles and construction machines. If workflow optimization is your goal, heavy-duty caster wheels are a good investment.

  1. Waste Management

Whatever industry you’re in, waste removal is a necessary evil. Waste materials, such as garbage, metals, and plastic are often collected in large containers. These can get heavy in a short amount of time.

When it’s time to move the containers for disposal or collection, you can rely on casters to get things going.

  1. Aerospace Industry

One of the beneficiaries of large casters is the aerospace industry. Casters are used in different activities in airports and aircraft manufacturing. Their primary function is to move heavy objects such as aircraft engine stands and helicopter landing dollies.

They are also found on aircraft tow bars that are used in aircraft “pushbacks.” You may also see casters fitted on airplane hangar doors.

  1. Moving and Transport Equipment

So far, we’ve only discussed caster wheels that can be attached to objects to enable movement. However, heavy-duty wheels are an essential part of moving equipment themselves. These include dollies, platform trucks, and carts.

If you work in a warehouse or a factory, then you know the value of these transport equipment. They play a big part in the smooth operation of the workplace.

Keep on Rolling

Large caster wheels are an unappreciated but reliable part of different industries. They enable any enterprise to run like clockwork. It’s no wonder that the simple wheel is anointed with the title of “greatest invention.”

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