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Every Man’s Essential Tips for Looking Great in a Business Shirt

Unlike women with a distinct fashion sense, men are more attuned to grabbing whatever they can find in their closet. So, donning appropriate business shirts and the right accessories often become a struggle to some.

In today’s competitive environment where your appearance speaks volumes, leveraging your style can work to your advantage. There are effective ways to keep yourself abreast with the latest fashion. And it won’t hurt if you remove yourself from your mundane style and stay updated with your dress shirt.

Your Business Shirt Should Complement Your Skin Tone

One of the many things every man typically commits is looking for a shirt that goes against their skin tone. Aptly, knowing which colours fit your skin tone helps create an excellent visual and appealing taste.

Generally, men with a pale skin tone and dark hair have a sharp appearance, which makes vibrant and full-colour shirts fitting. These types of business shirts complement the face by giving it a specific kind of light, rather than being suffocated by soft hues.

For dark-haired tan men, the appropriate shirts for any occasion are soft-warm medium to cool neutral medium colours. This includes salmon red, powder blue, rose brown and olive greens.  They are still bold colours but with a faint Chroma and saturation.

Dark-skinned men generally look better with high-contrast colours. Meanwhile, a medium-dark skin tone works better with business shirts having a medium-contrast hue.

Watch for the Shirt’s Texture before Buying

In the corporate world, simplicity always speaks in terms of formality. So, unless you are attending a party or a semi-formal event, it is still better to wear a broadcloth cotton shirt because they are simple to look at and are always smooth and presentable.

If you have a more laid back personality and fashion style, it won’t harm to try and explore other fabric types, including linen, chambray, or a soft melange. The key, though, is to make a smooth transition as the kind of fabric you choose affects your overall appearance.

The shirt’s texture does not only touch your skin, but it also affects your overall mood. Smooth and silky business shirts feel pleasant while thicker textures often leave a scratchy feel. In most instances, a shirt’s surface spells the difference between having a good or a bad day.

Always Get the Right Shirt Collar Fitting for Your Style

Along with the seams and cut, there are also several collar designs for business shirts. Knowing the type of collar that fits your facial profile and body type helps to streamline your fashionable looks.

If you are always wearing a tie, make sure to buy forward-pointing collars as they provide a better look, complementing your suit. For men who continuously find themselves unbuttoning a couple of shirt knobs, a spread collar is quite fitting.

Avoid buying shirts with soft and drooping collars because they make you look unkempt and shabby. Collars are generally stiff, and it’s worth investing in a shirt with a plastic or brass tab.

Looking for the right dress shirt is always easy when you know which brands and stores provide low-priced and quality business shirts.

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