Greek Islands Which Make For The Perfect Holiday Destination

When it comes to a summer break most people like to keep things simple, they want sun, fun, sand and sea in order to relax and step away from reality for a while. It is no surprise then that for more than 50 years the Greek islands have been the destination of choice for so many holidaymakers, and as demand has grown, so too has the discovery and development of more of the great many Greek islands. If you fancy going Greek in 2020, here are some of the beautiful Greek holiday islands which you may wish to consider.


Whether you are looking to live it up during your time away or simply relax in beautiful surroundings, Mykonos can tick both of these boxes. This island in the Cyclades is filled with those classic Greek whitewashed buildings that so many people love, the old town is an glorious, historical and quaint labyrinth of cobbled stone streets with little Greek restaurants and cafes and there are beaches and coves dotted around the island which give travelers idyllic spots to spend their afternoons. The party goers will also love this island with its Paradise Beach resort which is packed with bars, clubs and beach parties. If you do book a hotel in Mykonos then get in quick as this island is a very popular one.


Corfu is one of the most visited Greek Islands and has been for decades now which is why you can depend on a place with all of the trappings and tourist infrastructure that you need. From fun and lively resorts like Sidari to quieter places such as Kassiopi, Corfu has got you covered. If you are looking for a relaxing and tranquil vacation then this may not be the island for you, but if you are going with kids or a group of friends, the beach life here will be the perfect fit.


Santorini is very much the glamor model of the Cyclades, an Instagrammer’s dream island with multi-colored cliffs, fresh whitewashed properties and volcanic sandy beaches. Santorini is an island for the luxury travelers or for those looking for a truly romantic break. Gazing out across the Aegean sea from a luxury hotel terrace as the sun sets is the ultimate way to enjoy this paradise and if you are looking for a special holiday this year, Santorini is the place to do it.


If there was to be a competition for the best beaches amongst the Greek isles then Skiathos would win at a canter. The island offers those paradise-esque white, talc-like beaches and they alone attract thousands of tourists per year. The backdrop to those beaches is a craggy and rugged landscape with olive groves and pine trees lining the craggy hillside. There is much to discover in Skiathos too, from ancient churches to the quiet of the old town, this is an island which is custom-made for tourism.

Which Greek Island will be at the top of your list?


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