How to Choose the Best Family Room Furniture

January 9, 2020

Do you want to encourage your family to spend more time together? Is your home ready for a change in the heart of the home? Does your family room furniture need replacing?

In America, home renovation and improvement is a major investment. One main reason Americans renovate homes is to achieve a new look. For others, it’s a practical move to replace damaged furniture.

Furniture is often involved in a renovation or home improvement project. Choosing furniture for your house doesn’t have to be difficult or pricy. Below, we’ve got a guide to help you choose the best furniture for your family room. Also, check out these used office furniture if you are interested in building a home office as well.

  1. Plan Your Family Room

Step one is to look at the entirety of the room. Measure the length and width of the room with a tape measure or meter stick. If the room has any alcoves or other recesses, consider that, too.

Knowing how large your room helps you calculate how large your furniture can or can’t be. Having measurements of the space helps out when you shop for furniture later.

After you’ve finished taking measurements, put the room on paper and create a floor plan. This step helps you look at the family room from a bird’s eye view. Also, sketching different layouts on paper is easier than moving proxy furniture around.

How do you plan to use the family room? Should you include more or less space? Do you need specific furniture for little kids to entertain themselves with?

When you’re sketching, remember to space the different furniture pieces. On your grid paper or sketch pad, keep furniture distanced at least 1 yard from each other. If you enjoy having a lot of legroom, consider more space in front of chairs and couches.

Don’t forget to check if the furniture can fit your doorways. Measure their width and height so you know which furniture can fit through them.

Stage your living room or use online resources before you start choosing furniture. Mark the floor with tape or paper where you plan to place your furniture. Imagine how the marks will look like furniture.

  1. Choose a Theme

How do you make it so that the pieces of furniture you look great with each other? Decide on a theme for your family room. This theme will act as a guide for your buying choices and give the room a cohesive look.

Following a theme helps coordinate the room’s pieces of furniture. It’s important to follow a theme or a certain look when you’re choosing furniture. Not following a theme can make a room look chaotic and thrown together.

The typical themes include modern, Old World, and traditional. Unless you plan to change furniture again after a few years, try a timeless theme. Don’t forget to consider the natural architecture of the room and how a theme will fit it. If you are the more laid back type, you can get a modern chaise lounge. It's created with a couch potato in mind that screams luxury and comfort!

What if you have no idea what the best style of furniture is? Look for inspiration from the internet or magazines on interior design. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are inspiring active users to buy what they see.

People spend 7 times more when they engage with Pinterest’s Promoted Pins. Pinterest is rich with photos of beautiful and furnished family rooms. Instagram has shoppable videos, which provide information about furniture featured in them.

  1. Select Your Family Room Furniture Pieces

The best way to choose furniture is to go to furniture stores and look at what they have. As much as possible, you want to view the furniture in person before you decide. Personal viewing helps you decide if you want to buy a sofa, for example.

Compare this with online shopping, where you only read about what the sofa will feel like. You won’t know how the actual furniture will feel like when you sit on it or lean against it. Until it’s in your home, you only have your imagination to depend on.

Next, consider furniture materials and construction. Your family room furniture needs to be stain-resistant and high-quality. Even if you don’t have young kids around, stain-resistant fabrics are always a great plus in anything you’ll keep around for a while.

Family rooms need to have enough seats for the entire family and some extra for guests. If your space allows it, fill the room with extra pieces of furniture. This helps keep a room from feeling too bare.

  1. Consider Your Budget

Any guide on how to choose furniture won’t be complete without reminding you about your budget. The key to buying furniture is to think of them as assets or investment. If you plan to keep the furniture pieces around for years, buy high-quality furniture.

Ignore the high price tag. You’ll get every penny back in the years, even decades, that it will stay with you.

Inexpensive materials can cost you more. The more likely they are to break or stain, the more often you’ll replace them. Compare the costs with a single-buy and you’ll find that the latter is still the cheaper solution.

  1. Tips for Choosing Furniture

The following are more tips on buying and choosing furniture for your family or living room.

Have you got a small family room? Focus on space-saving family room furniture.

For example, buy a loveseat instead of a sofa. Other space savers include chests that also function as benches. If you want, look into pieces that are extendable or collapsible.

When you’re buying cushions for your sofa, get cushions made of wrapped foam. They’re comfortable, warm, and durable. They’re also last longer than cushions filled with down.

Test the strength of the furniture with a little lift. Do this by lifting one leg of the piece half a foot off the floor. Is its frame flimsy and flexible or is the adjacent leg unsteady while it’s rising?

Liven Up the Family Room

After the dining room, the living room or family room is vital in the home. It’s the place where the family can spend their downtime in. It’s important to keep it comfortable and furnished.

That’s it for our guide on how to choose family room furniture. We hope you learned from and enjoyed reading this guide. If you want to see more content on furniture and the home, check out our other articles today.

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