How To Design A Kid's Room That Grows With Them

January 20, 2020

Kids grow fast and they change their opinions, likes and dislikes as they grow up. That is why it is often tough to decorate a kid’s bedroom. Having a nursery for your baby is great, but it is an expensive endeavor, especially if you consider that you would have to decorate and redecorate the room every 2 to 4 years. That is why you have to plan for the future and design your kid’s room that grows with them from the very beginning. 

Pick Classy Colors

If you want to avoid having to redecorate the kid’s room constantly, you should use a classy but neutral base that can easily be changed with accessories. This means that you should pick elegant color schemes for the walls and floors and keep them within the neutral shades. Stick to two or three shades and try not to overwhelm the room with some bright colors and accents for the base. The room at the start may feel boring, but this soft and neutral base will serve as a blank canvas that you can bring to life with accessories, textures and other decor pieces that will provide warmth and style to the kid’s room. Later on, as your kid grows they will start expressing their likes and dislikes when it comes to colors and decor and you will always have a classy base to start from. 

Fun Switchable Accents

Since kids’ minds are designed to learn at a fast pace, they might get bored more easily than adults. This is something to keep in mind when decorating their room. You can spend a fortune on creating a certain style and decor, but there is no doubt that your kid will get bored and want to change some things. So, in order to avoid redecorating completely, you should play around with accent hues. If the walls are neutral this should be easy and you can simply replace a carpet or repaint the shelves or other smaller pieces of furniture and completely transform the room. 

Toys and Accessories

Toys and accessories in a kid’s room do come last on the list of decorating, but they are essential. These pieces will provide character and warmth to the room, while the kids will feel like the room is truly theirs. You should definitely make sure there is enough space for their toys, and you can devote a whole nook to them with shelves and decorative baskets for storage. However, you should carefully pick the toys according to your kid’s likes, age and make them educational. This can be tricky, but you can click here and find out more about picking the right toys for your little one and decorate accordingly with them. 

The same goes for accessories and textures you want to provide. If your kid is old enough to pick themselves, you can talk to them and see if they would like bedsheets with superheroes, ponies or they can pick their favorite color themselves. Also, don’t forget about their favorite books, colorful pillows and even a tepee in the corner that can provide plenty of fun and character. 

Multifunctional Furniture

When it comes to furniture, your best bet is to invest in double-duty furniture. When the kid is still too young, you will need a changing station but think outside the box. Get a table or a dresser that can easily be fitted with a padded changing mat, and later on, it will be a simple table, desk or a dresser. The same goes for any other piece. For example, look for a bed that has storage underneath which will be useful later on when there are too many toys or bigger clothes. 

Kids are beautiful and bring joy, but they do grow fast. That is why you should provide a safe and cozy room for them that can change and grow as fast and easy as them. This way, you won’t have to spend a fortune and your kid will feel safe and at home.

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