LED lighting installation – Essential facts you need to know

January 15, 2020

Homeowners today want the best of everything when they are planning to decorate their homes! From the right furniture to the wall paints, they want to ensure that they are paying for the best of each individual element. And that also brings us to the topic of lighting. Proper and apt lighting helps to accentuate the home decor, the decorative wall pieces, wall paints, and create a perfect ambiance. Hence, homeowners need to research and opt-in for the best lighting options and invest in the same. Today, there’s been an increasing tendency to opt-in for the LED lighting installation.

The use of LED lighting installation

It is a known fact that luminaire led lighting is one of the best choices for an indoor environment, as compared to the other incandescent lighting options. But that is not apt for many people to make this shift. Many still are caught up in the dilemma of whether to opt-in for incandescent light or LED lighting. To know more about the options you have, you can get in touch with Manhattan Popcorn Ceiling Solution.

Are you renovating your home or office? Have you been planning to install a LED lighting system but have a few doubts? If yes, then you can read through the following pointers and decide better.

  1. Shifting to a LED light system is not challenging

If you want to experience the advantages of LED lighting installation, you can do it even without substituting the LED bulbs. You need to ensure that all the incandescent bulbs and use an LED bulb. It is essential to make sure that the replacement bulbs match up to the performance of the other bulbs that got used earlier.

  1. The LED lights last, and it will help to add to your savings

Initially, most people think that LEDs will provide to be a beneficial option! However, it is more costly than incandescent bulbs. However, today the costs are getting reduced. Hence, the upfront expense might be slightly more, but the payback time is excellent. For instance, if someone purchased a 60-Watt equivalent LED bulb for $15, it will last for a few years without fail.

It is essential to realize that the technology that governs LEDs, which includes diodes, heat sinking, and the rest enables them to last more than the incandescent bulbs. You will also come across a few LEDs that will last over two decades along with the normal use and before they start to dim. Furthermore, the LEDs have a gradual decline in comparison to the abrupt burnout that incandescent experience.

Also, you get to save ample energy! Try and replace a single light bulb using an LED, and you can minimize the energy consumption by 70% to 90%. And this enables you to save as much as $30 to $80 on the utility bill all through the LED light bulb’s lifespan.

  1. The energy consumption is less

It is essential to get the big picture! The LED lighting can convert almost 95% of the energy used into light. It is not true of the incandescent lights that end up converting on 10% energy for the light. And the remaining 90% of the energy gets wasted as heat.

  1. Not every LED lighting gets created the same

Do you want to know more about LED lighting? If yes, then you can start considering the features. It is here that you will be able to search online and read relevant articles and other updates about them. You might also want to speak to the lighting experts to get some of your questions answered.

  1. LED lights are more comfortable to work in the light direction

Usually, the incandescent bulbs spread light in all possible angles! And that makes the light direction very challenging. It is essential to know that LED lighting is directional. That means you can concentrate on a particular direction where you want.

  1. LED lighting today provide various color temperatures

You will get surprised by the fact that LEDs have a wide range of color temperature! Also, most lightbulb comes with a CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) that also corresponds with the (K) Kelvin temperature scale. The lesser the temperature in the K scale, the yellower and warmer the light would be. And if the temperature is higher, the light will be bluer and cooler.

The kind of light color you should choose is your personal preference. The bright color which is cool white and natural white, are the best choices if you want an ambient lighting condition. It is also an excellent choice for the kitchen. The daylight, natural light, and the blue lights are ideally well suited for your bedside lamp used for reading.

  1. You can dim the LED lights if you want

One of the most significant advantages of LED light is that you can dim the light! However, you also need to consider the LED driver's quality as well as the compatibility in terms of the control. And this also decides the dimming performance. It is necessary to know that not every LED light will be compatible with the present dim switch. Hence, you should try and experiment. You can also use the trial and error process. You can dim the lights only when you ensure that all other conditions are compatible. It is essential to make sure the functions are also on place.

These are some of the essential advantages of LED lighting over incandescent lighting! Today, you can get in touch with an expert to ensure that you choose the correct installation. If you want, you can convert a small section of your house to LED lighting and check the difference. Once you get convinced, you can opt-in for LED strip lights in any room.

Today, you get to choose from multiple colors and types. Choose the one that best complements your room decor and aesthetics. Also, check the pricing structure. Make sure that a service provider doesn't charge you more, and you also can save. For this, you must join hands with an ace service provider and customize your setting.

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