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Melbourne Airport Survival Guide

Travel is an incredibly rewarding life experience – it’s your chance to explore cool places, meet interesting people and learn more about the world we live in.

But before you reach your dream destination, you must navigate the dreaded airport – which can make your stress levels skyrocket and taint the start of your trip.

And when you’re flying from Melbourne, Australia’s second busiest airport, you can expect your anxiety to be amplified.

But not to worry, because we’ve put together this sound selection of airport survival guidance to help you on your way.

Melbourne Airport App

The travel app market has gone wild in recent times, with new apps emerging every week to help people tackle various aspects of travel such as packing, planning and budgeting.

When it comes to Melbourne airport obstacles, the Melbourne Airport App is your go-to application. It provides all the information you’ll need to be able to move through the airport like a pro – maps, real-time flight updates and much more.

Airport Lounges

An airport lounge is the perfect place of escape if you who can’t the stand the chaotic and crowded conditions at Melbourne Airport.

Don’t worry about signing up for an exclusive airline membership because Terminal 2 Departures has three Open Access lounges which anyone can use. You can book in advance or even on the day of your flight – find out about each one on the official airport website.

Finding your boarding gate

Major airports like Melbourne are home to a first-class selection of shops and restaurants where you can keep those airport stresses at bay by over-indulging yourself.

However, before you hit up the airport amenities, track down your boarding gate. This way, if you lose track of time whilst stocking up on your duty-free or gorging on burger, you’ll know exactly where to catch your flight.

Airport Parking

Sometimes airport nerves can kick in before you’ve even arrived there. However, if you book your parking in advance, you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you cruise to the airport and avoid wasting time looking for a spot when you arrive.

Melbourne Airport has a range of parking options which includes Terminal, Park and Ride, and Valet parking. You’ll find fantastic deals for these on independent comparison sites like

Choosing a plane seat

After you’ve fought your way through the daunting security checks and endless airport queues, there’s nothing more satisfying than boarding the plane and sitting down to relax – unless you’ve got a crappy seat that is.

It’s therefore worth doing a bit of research using an aircraft info website such as SeatGuru – it has a huge catalogue of colour-coded seat maps and reviews for various airlines and aircrafts to help you find the perfect seat.

Thanks to this guide, you’ll have plenty of tactics for improving your airport experience next time you fly from Melbourne Airport – you’re welcome!

That’s all from us. Share your own experiences and advice for flying from Melbourne Airport in the comments section.

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