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Neymar Jr House: The Brazil Compound

Neymar recently purchased an amazing mansion in Rio de Zaneiro, Brazil. Located in the renowned Portobello area one hour from Río’s centre, the house is massive, has six suites, a helipad, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a gym, a subterranean cave and its own pier. Check out the Neymar Jr house.

The house is amazingly pretty and features many bedrooms and bathrooms. The square footage is unknown but it appears to be above 10,000 square feet. There are amazing views from both the front and back yards at this palatial compound.

The space is very airy and provides many meditative areas for the soccer player and his family and friends. He can hose parties at the place and let his friends stay in one of the many available bedrooms this house has to offer.

Neymar Jr House Neymar Jr House Neymar Jr House

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