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Preparing to sell your property! Here are a few tips that might come handy

Who doesn’t want their property to sell quickly and for large profits! It may seem an overwhelming task to prepare your property for sale, but with careful planning and right efforts, you can easily convince the buyers to purchase your property. 

Here are a few most compelling and most profitable tips to follow while you are preparing to sell your property:  

Focus on adding ‘Alluring’ Factor

Whether you’re trying to sell the property to an independent individual, real estate agent or a commercial property buying service company, you must scrutinize the curb appeal of your property, says North County Property Group in San Diego. After all, it’s the first thing they see and first impressions do matter!

If a buyer isn’t attracted from the exterior of the house, he/she won’t be willing to see the interior of the house. Dull and dirty exterior or interior surfaces of a property are a big turn off for potential buyers. Therefore, any property seller must make the exterior of their place as welcoming and appealing as they can. Few of the pleasing things that can be done are as follows:

  • Get a new paint done on your front door and porch
  • Place a few colourful flower pots on your front porch
  • Add a wreath of dried wildflowers

Further, if you’re property is big, you can hire a landscaper to make your lawn/garden look more green with cleaned shrubs and plants. In case there are any cracks visible on the front porch or walkway, get it fixed. 

Making Minor Repairs

If you’re in a rush to sell your property, you can reach out to a home buying agencies (such as Midland Home Buyers) for quick cash without putting any efforts in repairing any part of the house. However, if you’re planning to sell your property in its lived-in/worked-in condition to other real estate agents, or any other individual person/family, you might have to adjust with the price they will pay for a property in such condition.  

Minor repairs to fix in a property include the following:

  • Replacing counter tiles or cracked floor
  • Patching the holes in the walls
  • Fixing leaking faucets
  • Ensuring the proper operation of doors and windows
  • Fixing the blockage of kitchen drawers
  • Replacing burned-out light bulbs

After minor repairs are executed on a property, you can crack a much better deal with any buyer in the market. 

Make Your Property Shine 

When buyers visit your property for analyzing it for a potential purchase, they must find it clean. Therefore, you must put efforts into cleaning your property before bringing any buyers for reviewing it. Hiring a professional cleaning crew to pressure wash the patios, driveways, pathways, wash the windows inside and out, polishing the mirrors and faucets can help in making each element shine to its best. 

Proper dusting can be achieved if the property is vacuumed daily, the floors are waxed on regular intervals, and thorough mopping is done in the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Note: When selling a house, kitchens have always been a big selling point for several buyers. Therefore, you must ensure that the kitchen is kept as uncluttered and spotless as possible. 

Further, if you’re aware of any musty areas on the property, make sure they’re cleaned properly, as the smell can affect the sale of the property in the most detrimental way. 

Not to Forget

The final check to consider for you is to act as a potential buyer and see if all things are at the right place. Get down to your front porch/gate and then walk towards the property with prospective buyers mindset. Linger behind each doorway and imagine how any other buyer will perceive your property and its elements. Examine how everything is placed in the property, is the furniture kept at the right place, could there be any other way to rearrange it for increasing the visual appeal of the area! 

Once you see that everything is cleaned, repaired, and organized, you can start the staging of your place for cracking the best possible deal for your property. 

All the best!


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