Sunday, September 27, 2020

Rapper Cardi B and Husband Offset Secure $5.8M Dream Mansion in Atlanta

Home Home and Garden Rapper Cardi B and Husband Offset Secure $5.8M Dream Mansion in Atlanta

Grammy award-winning Cardi B and her Husband Offset only recently secured their dream home: a 7-acre, 22,000 square foot mansion located in Sandy Springs, Atlanta. The property listed by Dorsey Alston Realtors, comes fully equipped with five bedrooms, four and half baths, seven bathrooms, and a gun range!

This breath-taking piece of architecture is located at 795 High court Road, and is complete with state-of-the-art features that are capable of making even a millionaire yearn with covetous longing. The European style mansion features breath-taking views, a roof-to-ceiling backyard window, a large swimming pool, an outdoor pit fireplace, walk in closets, a chef’s kitchen, an outdoor terrace, together with a spa–like bath and bathroom window view perfect for taking the edge off those stressful days.

The mansion was nicknamed “Casa Lupa” (loosely translated to ‘House of the Magnifying glass’) by its previous owners, Amanda and Rick Khulman, who purchased the property in 2003 for a modest sum of $1.65 million. The house was nicknamed so because the architectural design was inspired by several romantic vacations to Italy.

The property is also a perfect fit for little baby Kulture, the latest addition to the couple’s little family. It provides her with a whooping 7 acres of playing space, together with several top-notch schools within the neighborhood.

It would seem that fate has always had this incredible piece of architecture in store for rapper Cardi B and her family, who revealed in a house-unveiling video to fans on her Instagram page that she and fellow rapper husband Offset have been searching for the perfect home for over two years.

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