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The Best Metals to Style Your Home

Oil and water; toothpaste and orange juice; alcohol and decisions — some things just don’t go well together. However, when it comes to metals and your house, it’s the complete opposite. Who doesn’t love the glamorous look of beautiful metallic accents? They’re eye-catching, dynamic, and add a touch of charm to an otherwise seemingly dull house. 

Metals are a growing hot trend in the home decorating industry. From warm gold, brass, and copper accents to cool chrome, nickel, and aluminium, there’s no doubt that metals are here to stay! 

Here are the five most common metals used to decorate homes to help you choose the best metallic accent for you.


Whether it be a sunny or a rainy day, the neat silver finish of aluminium creates the perfect aesthetic. Despite the aesthetic similarities between aluminium and stainless steel, people tend to prefer aluminium. By comparison, aluminium is much lighter in weight, making it easier to move around, and a lot more affordable than steel – for a similar look. 

And because of this demand, aluminium suppliers usually sell outdoor furniture, giving you the perfect set of furniture to host your parties outside. The calm exterior of the metal allows for a very distinct look.


In any season, the allure of rich copper is beautiful. However, the autumn season seems like the perfect time to bring out that captivating golden hue in your kitchen. 

From hammered copper countertops to custom kitchen tiles, copper is the answer to the warm aesthetic home you envision. And to top it all off, you can add it anywhere. Your bedroom, living room, dining room, wherever you want to liven up with that golden hue. 


When it comes to high traffic areas such as the dining room, kitchen, or family room, durability should be an essential element of design in the furniture. This is where steel jumps in to rescue the day. Unlike its lookalike aluminium, steel is known to be a lot more durable. It can withstand anything your family throws at it. 

On the positive side, it’s a beautiful metal with a modern finish, making it perfect for things like barstools, utilitarian accessories, and coffee tables.


Iron is another type of metal finish that adds sparkle to an empty or otherwise dull space. It all comes down to the natural, raw texture the metal possesses, added to the introduction of earthy colours that make an exceptionally cosy space. 

Combined with rustic wood tones, the rough surface of iron makes for great lighting, outdoor furniture, fireplace accessories, and more. 


Although it isn’t the most common, we’d all agree gold is a unique metal. It isn’t likely to fade from the world of design anytime soon. So, jump in now and celebrate its timeless elegance. Infuse your space with items like gold lamps, metal resting tables, and gold-rimmed display shelves.

And the best part? Since this type of golden metallic finish is considered neutral, it can be worked into any room no matter the colour scheme.

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