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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Budget Home Gym


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Having a home gym is a nice thought and idea and it can easily be accomplished. However, for this idea to become true can often be expensive. Of course, the equipment you choose to buy will depend on your fitness goals, but everything has a price and fitness is often pricey. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your dream come true, because there are less expensive ways of building a home gym. 

Start Small

Whether you’re new to working out at the gym or you have some experience, you should start small when building your home gym. A few dumbbells, a kettlebell and a jumping rope could be enough equipment to provide you with your daily exercise. With these three pieces, you can get your cardio, you can work on your arm and leg muscles and they can be used in a variety of movements. So, for a start, it’s okay to start small and work your way up, just like in your workout routine. 

Buy Used

You probably already know how expensive gym equipment is. Sets of weights, bars, racks, different sizes of dumbbells and kettlebells come for a price. But, you don’t have to buy new equipment, especially because all of these can last for a very long time. That is why you should go through online ads and see if someone in your area is selling such equipment and buy used pieces. Iron lasts and it cannot be easily broken and some people probably need to get rid of their weights and make money, which is only good news for you and your home gym. However, there are things you should never buy used, such as gym clothes and sneakers. Those should always be of good quality and you should buy new, and if you wish to find some quality equipment, you should look for workout shoes at WalkJogRun and find the ones that will almost do your work for you. 

Build Your Own

If you are a handy and crafty person, then you can build your own gym equipment and have some fun while building a budget gym. For example, the easiest pieces to build are holders and racks for your plates, dumbbells and other equipment. Those can be pretty pricey, but with a hammer and some plywood, you can build them for less money and make them last forever. What is more, you can even build your own medicine balls, dumbbells and even a punching bag and add a personal touch to your home gym. 

Look for Alternatives

All those fitness machines for cardio, for example, are super pricey and they can take up too much space in your home gym. Luckily, there are other ways to do your cardio routine, and you just need to think outside the box. Many cardio workouts can be done on the very ground, such as mountain climbers or jumping jacks. However, if you want those to be a bit more demanding, you can invest in several resistance bands and work your way around them. Additionally, rope jumping can be a great cardio and it doesn’t take up space while it’s not expensive at all. Smaller pieces of equipment, such as bands, smaller weights and medicine balls can really put a twist on your workout routine, they don’t cost a fortune and they are versatile, so it’s smart to invest in those. 

Having a home gym is fun and you can workout whenever you want. However, the equipment can be expensive but there are ways to build your own budget home gym. So, get crafty, look to buy used and be a bit more creative with your exercises.

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